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by Moe - 2 Comment(s)



As promised here we go with the third round of advanced screening passes. Sin City 2- A dame To Kill For airs on Thursday August 21st at Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market Theatre at 7:00. To claim your double pass log onto this external site and enter the exclusive Movie Maniacs code SinCity2Cal9964330. Your voucher can then be printed from home. Remember to arrive at the theatre early and exchange this voucher for an actual ticket at the box office, which will then guarantee you a seat.

If you aren't familiar with these films let me tell you they are based on a very dark, violent graphix novel by Frank Miller. It won't be for everybody, so if you have doubts best to pass and let people who really like this franchise claim the tickets. This round of three giveaways was an exception in terms of giving you advance notice, so check back regularly as tickets come up frequently without notice.

Thanks again to our friends at entONE for the passes---they were very generous, gifting us with 75 double passes! Hope you are one of the lucky ones who gets to see either THE GIVER, EXPENDABLES 3 or SIN CITY. If you do, write me with your thoughts on the movie through COMMENTS at the bottom of this or any post- would love to hear from you.


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by Moe

I never have any idea what I will be getting. I just get a call from my contacts saying they have some tickets coming up for such and such a movie and am I interested. The only reason I would say no is if I get such late notice I simply do not have time to get up a post before the film shows that night. I can tell you I haven't turned down very many. We were really lucky this go round because I had more than a weeks notice for the three movies and was able to alert readers to keep checking back. SO, keep checking back- they really do come up suddenly and they go so fast- often within an hour. Set up the Movie Maniacs site with an alert for when a new post goes up. And good luck. The Maze Runner does look like another good one doesnt it.

by Anonymous

will you guys do tickets for the maze runner?!

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