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One of our first posts way back in 2008 was the American Film Industries 10 top 10. Check it out because there are 100 great movies listed here and believe it or not, CPL has all of them. Wow! All of the courtroom dramas contained in that list are superior movies and if you haven't seen them all, make sure to try and do so.

Here are a few more to consider.

The Rainmaker with a young Matt Damon and John Voight and based on John Grisham's best seller.

Place in the Sun with two of Hollywood's most beautiful people---Liz Taylor and Montgomery Cliff---I go out of my way to watch this one. Really, only the last 20 minutes is courtroom, but the movie is just so darn good.

Hart's War---no running across broken glass in bare feet (Die Hard), no airport teminals blowing up (Die Hard 2), no car chases (Die Hard 3)---just a surprisingly good dramatic performance from Bruce Willis. A trial takes place for a murder committed in a WW 2 German prisoner of war camp.

The Crucible---lots of recognizable faces in this 96 adaptation of the Arthur Miller story of the same name. With Joan Allen, Winona Ryder, Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Scofield---a spurned lover and accusations of witchcraft.

Caine Mutiny---one of my two favourite Bogart movie (the other being Casablanca)---a US Naval captain shows signs of mental instability which jeopardizes his ship and crew.

Philadelphia---mega-hit from 1993 that won Tom Hanks his first of two consequtive Oscars (followed the next year with Forest Gump). Grab the hankies for this one-you will barely recognize Hanks by the end of the film.

Amistada lesser known Steven Spielberg from 1997---with Matthew McConaughy (one of his rare performances where he manages to go through an entire movie without taking his shirt off) and Anthony Hopkins. Based on real life events surrounding the only known case of slaves on a transport ship attempting a takeover.

Two more from Grisham The Firm---with Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman and Runaway Jury with John Cusack, Hackman and Rachel Wiesz.

And because all of these are just so darn serious (as befits courtrooms dramas) why not lighten up with My Cousin Vinny?


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