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Hell on Wheels

by Melanie - 0 Comment(s)

I know we’ve mentioned this new TV western series in passing. In case you missed it, we have Hell on Wheels Season One on DVD. Fans of Deadwood will definitely enjoy this one.

Hell on Wheels is filmed partly in Canada but follows the violent, filthy movable camp that exists alongside the construction of part of the American transcontinental rail line in the years after the Civil War.

The main character is an ex-soldier bent on avenging his wife’s death. He’s being tracked by the camp’s enforcer “The Swede” and befriended by the surveyor’s widow. Hell on Wheels also follows the freed men working on the rail line, the prostitutes, the local native community, and the dodgy speculator running the whole project. And then there’s the enigmatic juggernaut changing all of their lives: the train.