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    School of Night

    Louis Bayard

    A new novel by Louis Bayard is always an exciting prospect. In his latest, Bayard weaves factual historical information with a modern day literary thriller. There have always been rumors that a group of Elizabethan thinkers, led by Thomas Herriot, met regularly to discuss God, the world and everything else. They were called The School of Night. There is no evidence that the School actually did exist, but mentions of it in Shakespeare’s plays have led to much research and speculation. Did they discover the secret of transforming lead into gold? In modern Washington DC, Henry Cavendish receives a message from his friend, Alonso Wax: “The School of Night is back in session”. Wax then dies in a mysterious plunge into the Potomac. This sets Henry on a quest for a stolen letter, which may lead to the location of the treasure created by the School. He is teamed with a psychic investigator who has visions that may or may not be related to the case. The story ranges through time and place, from England at the beginning of the reign of James I to Florida in the present day. Bayard is a wonderful writer who is able to create effective historical and modern characters and scenarios. This is a great title for lovers of historical fiction and for the readers of literary thrillers such as The Club Dumas and The Dante Club.

    C. H.


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