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    Book Club in a Bag

    Welcome to Summer. Read. 2013

    Welcome to Summer. Read. 2013

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    It's summertime; the living is easy and the reading is great!

    Join us for Summer. Read. 2013, a 10-week adventure for adults beginning Wednesday June 19.

    We'll share some fantastic reading suggestions every week and together we'll Explore, Play, Imagine, Create, Live, Laugh, Learn, Grow and… Be. Our mission is to introduce you to new and exciting finds just waiting to be discovered. When you share what you've been reading, (or watching, or listening to) you'll be entered to win great prizes!

    How to Enter

    Go to your local Calgary Public Library branch and check the Summer. Read. display with books, DVDs and CDs that connect to the weekly theme. In each displayed item you’ll find a ballot. Fill in the ballot by sharing a review of an item you borrowed in that fits with the weekly theme, and return the ballot to the library for your chance to win.

    Image of Summer Read Facebook launch adTo participate online visit our Readers’ Nook Blog to see the weekly themes, and book suggestions. Read something in the selected theme and leave a comment on our blog post about the book CD or DVD you've been enjoying. Your name will be entered to win weekly prizes and the grand prize draw!

    Update: Now that our website is live again, please stay tuned to our Readers' Nook blog -- the Summer. Read. themes are coming soon!

    Did we say prizes?!

    The weekly prize at every location is a Calgary Public Library bag for all the books, CDs and DVDs you borrow, as well as a journal that you can use to keep track of all the great material you borrow from the Library!

    The grand prizes are 5 Google NEXUS 7 (32 GB) Tablets! The grand prize draws will take place on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013. The last day to drop off your ballots for the grand prize draw is Wednesday, August 28.

    Facebook Live Chat

    To get the ball rolling, join us on Facebook Wednesday June 19th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. as we kick off Summer.Read. with a live Library Chat. Tell us your last three favourite reads and we’ll give you suggestions for your next great book.

    Then join us every Wednesday after that until August 28 for more great reading suggestions in our Readers’ Nook.

    Here are a few of our favourite reads for summer, just to get you started!

    The Keeper of Lost Causes book cover  Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry book cover  The Expected One book cover  The Winter Palace book cover  Mistress of the Art of Death book cover




    Off the Shelf: Canada

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    Picture of book cover: Canada by Richard FordCanada by Richard Ford is a mystery novel. Not a whodunit, since Ford explicitly tells us what will happen on the first page. Also, the novel is styled as the memoirs of a retired teacher, who has long lived with the violent events in his youth. The mystery in Part One is “Why?”. Why did his rather normal parents stage an armed robbery? The mystery in Part Two is “When?”. When will the murder happen? The mystery of the novel as a whole is “Who”? The most elemental mystery: Who am I?

    Dell is fifteen during the action of the novel. An introspective boy, he has learned to make the best of any situation. One could consider that this was because his father was in the US air force and the family moved often. Except that his twin sister learned sneering bravado and discontent.

    After his father’s dishonorable discharge, living in Great Fall infused discontent into every family member. Rather stoically, Dell straightens his mental landscape. He learns chess, sadly playing by himself most of the time, and develops his interest in bee keeping, while waiting to go to school in September. Crashing into his carefully managed thoughts and good intentions are the bank robbery and arrest of his parents in front of the two children. In a strangled sort of logic, his mother had arranged for the disposition of her twins prior to the robbery, and Dell is called upon again to adapt to almost untenable circumstances.

    Which he does. In a dilapidated village in southern Saskatchewan. Canada is the terra incognita. This novel plays out entirely in the mind of a well-behaved teenager growing into adulthood. His thinking cracks like the voice of a teenaged boy. He imagines that he is navigating on a successful course, only to be unexpectedly jolted by strange adult behaviours. Each time, he tries to incorporate these new lessons into his perception of adulthood, although even he understands that all the adults who keep changing his life are highly unreliable. Thus, through his own thoughtfulness, Dell does steer his future into the calm prosperity his family always wanted for themselves. He alone applies the philosophy that your life is what you make of it.

    Judith Umbach