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    Book Club in a Bag

    you’re gonna read—ninety-five books

    by Janice

    You’re gonna read ninety-five books
    You’re gonna read ninety-five books
    You’re gonna read, read, read, read now
    You’re gonna read, read, read, read
    #95books *

    The Challenge of Reading Challenges

    Have you joined a reading challenge for 2014?

    While you may be one of those who bristles at the idea of making reading into a competition or numbers game (if so, you're not alone), reading challenges can be a fun way of encouraging yourself to make more time for reading or to expand your reading by choosing books you may not normally read.

    If you're one of the million members of Goodreads, joining the Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge is as simple as choosing how many books you hope to read. Your profile will include a helpful image showing how you are faring in your challenge. (As you can see, I'm already three books behind in my modest challenge.)

    There are many other reading challenges, including several through Pinterest, the WrestleMania Reading Challenge (seriously! It's for youth and an initiative of WWE and the Young Adult Library Services Association), these ones listed at BookRiot, and the Random House Reading Bingo Challenge 2014. You can make your own book challenge and make your own rules. Audiobooks? Graphic novels? Non-fiction? Books in translation? Poetry books?

    "An author should be more well-read than George W. Bush, Jr." ~Jonathan Ball Read 95 Books This Year

    I've decided to up my Goodreads goal of 50 books and plan on reading at least 95 books in 2014. Why 95? Writer Jonathan Ball started the 95-book-challenge with his friend Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2009 in response to a Wall Street Journal article from 2008 on the reading habits George W. Bush, Jr. I would suggest that even non-writers may wish to meet the challenge of reading more than an American president. Ball's loose rules for the 95-book-challenge are excellent. (I especially like his consideration of book length, i.e., a book is a book so long as it is 48 pages long, which ties in with my recent obsession with short books.) If you decide to join the 95-book-challenge, you can tweet your progress along with the #95books hashtag.

    The best part about book challenges is that it doesn't really matter if you meet your goal. There are no marks, no prize, no one holding you accountable—it's all about trying to read more. I encourage you all to join or create your own 2014 reading challenge.

    So how about you? Post below if you're participating in a reading challenge or know about any other novel (*cough) reading challenges.

    (*with apologies to ? and the Mysterians)