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    Canada Reads 2012 - Battle On!

    by Shannon S - 0 Comment(s)

    Who says reading books can’t be a blood sport?! Canada Reads is an annual "battle of the books" competition organized and broadcast by Canada's public broadcaster, the CBC.

    The Canada Reads 2012 panelists and books have just been announced. My favourite part is to hear the panelists defend their choice! I love to hear readers impassioned by their reads!

    Here are the panelists and the books they have chosen:

    Alan Thicke defends: The Game by Ken Dryden

    Ex-hockey-player Dryden's memoir/meditation begins on the day, a few years back, when he announced his definite retirement from the game--after nearly a decade with the Montreal Canadiens as semi-star goalie. He then takes us through the following week, mixing dense narration of events (on-the-road, play-by-play on the ice) with reminiscences, profiles of colleagues, introspective ponderings, and earnest musings on "the game."

    Stacey McKenzie defends: On a Cold Road by Dave Bidini

    The memoirs of rhythmic guitarist David Bidini, narrating his experiences touring Canada with his rock and roll band, the Rheostatics.

    Arlene Dickinson defends: Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat

    Two harrowing, shame-filled years in Iran's Evin prison.When unrest erupted in the streets of Tehran during the late 1970s, the author, daughter of Russian-Iranian Christians, was hardly aware of politics. Then her friends began to disappear one by one, seized first by the shah's police, then by Khomeini's fanatical supporters. Schools were shut down in the fall of 1978; when they reopened in 1980, teachers had been replaced by inexperienced revolutionary guards who preached politics rather than academics. An important eyewitness account.

    Shad defends: Something Fierce by Carmen Aguirre

    A gripping, darkly comic first-hand account of a young underground revolutionary during the Pinochet dictatorship in 1980s Chile.

    Anne-France Goldwater defends: The Tiger by John Vaillant

    Documents the efforts of a tiger conservation leader who was forced to hunt a man-eating tiger through the brutal Siberian winter, an effort that familiarized him with the creature's history, motives and unique method of attack.

    If you were a panelist which book would you defend as the book that all of Canada should read?


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