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    Book Club in a Bag

    Book launch: Marble by Tamara Itani

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    We've just heard that an 18-year-old Calgary author, Tamara Itani, will be launching her first novel, Marble, tomorrow!

    Join this upcoming young author at Cidex Design Centre, 1301 9 Avenue SW, from 3 to 6pm and hear more.

    We have Marble on order, so place your holds to get a copy when it's in.

    Here's a bit about the story:

    15 year old Penny Kensington is about to take a journey that will reshape her entire life. Bored out of her mind, helplessly in love with a school heatthrob, and lost to the world, Penny appears the average teenage girl. In reality, that’s not anywhere near the case. Pursuing an eccentric, globe-trotting lifestyle with her grandmother and groaning pet chicken (chick actually), Penny receives a mysterious letter from her long deceased grandfather. She learns her grandfather’s dying wishes are for her to safeguard a strange, bejewelled lamp. Penny wonders who would play such a cruel trick on her. (But it’s no trick.) The lamp throws Penny into an unexpected, magical adventure that will have her meet some fantastical characters and propel her a decade into her future.


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