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    The Grave Doug Freshley

    (as revealed to John Hechinger and depicted by mpMann)

    When Shane McNally hired his childhood friend Douglas Freshley to help out on the McNally homestead, it was understood that half the job for the former schoolmaster would be tutoring the McNally s bright, but rambunctious boy, Bartholomew, called Bat. But the ruthless Delancey Gang ended Doug's employment in a cattle raid, killing Bat's parents, killing Doug himself, and setting the McNally homestead ablaze with Bat still inside. Not one to let a little thing like a bullet between the eyes stand in the way of meeting his personal and professional obligations, Doug returns as a walking corpse in time to save Bat. Together, they set out to deliver a little frontier justice to the ones that done them wrong. However, as they track down Hatch, Taz, Rocco and Ray Delancey, they find that Doug is being stalked by the Deadliest Gun in the West (Or Anywhere): the Grim Reaper hisownself. Equal parts Sergio Leone and Looney Toons, The Grave Doug Freshley is a comedy/adventure about the bond between a boy and the cowboy who wouldn t die because, after all, he'd made a promise.


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