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    Read and Play All Summer...

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    Summer and play go together like peanut butter and jam, or, if you have a slightly more adventurous palate, like pear and blue cheese…YUM!

    Summer play invites a world of possibilities: backyard BBQs, vacations, stay-cations, boating, biking, hiking, engaging in sports of all sorts, taking in an outdoor concert or Shakespeare in the Park…and don’t forget Stampeding! But if you prefer to chill out and relax, there’s always the hammock, the book you just can’t put down, and a lovely libation at your side.

    It’s all play, and it’s all good!

    Check out some of these great titles to kick-start your “play-full” summer!



    iPad MiniSummer. Read.

    Catch up on your reading this summer and enter to win a 16GB iPad Mini in our summer reading contest for adults! Visit us here in our Readers’ Nook blog or head to our Facebook page every Wednesday for the new theme. Then fill out a ballot and tell us about the books, DVDs or CDs that you’ve been enjoying and enter to win fantastic prizes. Come join the summer fun!


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    by Krista Jayne Embertson

    The spirit of Holden Caulfield lives on! Even though it's audience target is teen, it's an outstanding quick read. I promise if you bring this book home, the whole house will read it. It's for everyone! I feel younger just reading it. well deserved awards to this book.

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