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Non-fiction is Non-boring?

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

As someone who studied literature once upon a time, I always considered the good books to be shelved in the fiction section. Non-fiction was strictly on a need to (forced to) read (forget about on my desk) basis. It seems I was missing out.

Sure there are a lot of manuals about proper photocopier maintenance and grass identification techniques, but the wonderful world of non-fiction (the world most of us actually live in apparently) can be every bit as entertaining as the world of Harry Potter, or whatshername Vampire girl.

I doubt it will come as any great surprise when I tell you the Calgary Public Library has a LARGE non-fiction collection. If fiction’s just not your thing, you want to try something different, or if your photocopier is making strange noises in the night, you might want to remember that non-fiction is fun, informative (yes the two can co-exist) and available at the Library.

Here are a few titles you may (should) want to (yes, want to) check out.

It's non-fiction, it's a graphic novel and it's awesome. Houdini the Handcuff King is an account of one of the legendary escape artist's greatest tricks. It's beautifully drawn, an interesting read and all around cool. This is a great book for anyone who loves magic, history or... handcuffs?

Finally, our love of Monarchies and our love of violence have come together in one book! Royal Murder is the story of ten unfortunate royals and the horrible things that happened to them. If you're not sold already, it also has photos!

"It is good to give a girl compliments
Don't go crazy with them though."

How to Talk to Girls is full of great advice from author Alec Greven who wrote it at age 8.....


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