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When Zombies Attack

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

Would you...

Barricade yourself in a farmhouse? Move to Antarctica? Pretend like you're already a zombie so the other zombies will accept you instead of eating your brains? When it comes to zombie apocalypses there sure are a lot of survival options. It's a good thing there's so many stories out there to help us prepare!

Zombies are unique among monsters as unlike vampires, werewolves and ghosts, they did not really begin to show up in literature until after they had already been popularized in film. Therefore, while the shambling, decomposing, brain-eating, virus -plagued, irradiated, mindless zombies of the silver screen barely resemble their Voodoo origins, it is this depiction on which most zombie literature is based. Some claim it is the purely physical nature of the zombie which has made them great for film, but rather limited on the written page (they don't usually have much dialogue), yet despite these limitations several authors have come out with some fantastic stories which can be found at the Calgary Public Library.

Here are a few scenarios you can check out:Zombies: Hungry, but slow and unintelligent. Except for those pesky hungry, intelligent fast ones...

Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth: Carrie Ryan

The Defense: Large fences to keep the zombies out of town, platforms in the trees in case the fences don't work, praying in case the platforms don't work.

Generation Dead
Generation Dead: Daniel Waters

Zombies: Some are slow, some are fast, but these zombie teens don't want brains, they just want to fit in.

The Defense: Bigotry and baseball bats.

Boy Who Couldn

The Boy Who Couldn't Die: William Sleator

Zombie: With his soul is 'safely' hidden outside his body he's invulnerable. He isn't evil when he's himself, but without his soul is he still himself or zomething elze?

The Defense: Well... umm.... uhhh...?

If zombies are your thing, don't forget to submit your zombie themed artwork or writing to our Teens Create contest.


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