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The Hunger Games Dream Cast

by Alexandra May - 2 Comment(s)

IMDB Hunger GamesSo the casting of “The Hunger Games” was pretty high on my radar for a while there, but I just couldn’t keep up with the constant drama that Hollywood was putting us through – Who’s going to be the perfect Katniss? How do we please Team Gale and Team Peeta at the same time? What ethnicity is Rue supposed to be anyways? At any rate, I checked a couple of days ago, and most of the cast now looks set in stone. Here’s the problem… aside from Josh Hutcherson being cast as Peeta (…WHAT?!?! Adorable little Josh from Bridge to Terabithia is now old enough to play hunky Peeta!??!?!), and Elizabeth Banks being cast as Effie… I realized I have NO IDEA WHO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE ARE! A preliminary search of IMDB told me that the guy playing Gale used to date Miley Cyrus, and the girl playing Katniss was in this movie that surprised everyone at the Oscars last year. But I have seriously never heard of any of them before! So here’s my question: Is a cast of relative Unknowns better than an All-Star cast? Will this help separate Suzanne Collin’s characters from other characters that better-known actors have played before? (I once watched a movie that had Rupert Grint in it, and I was like “Ron Weasley? What are you doing here?) And finally… if you could have your ultimate Dream Cast, who would star in The Hunger Games?


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by Anna
Ummm.... I kinda do want Josh Hutcherson to be Peeta, but I don't want Liam to be Gale. And same with Jennifer. I'm surprised they gave it to her considering the list of more well-known girls who auditioned for the part. But, who knows? Maybe they'll act it good. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!
by Lauelibre
I would play Prim I think maybe Ellen Page would be a good Katniss, or Emma Watson, but she'd have to wear a wig. I think for Peeta, they should cast the actor who plays Neville in Harry Potter, whoever that is. Or maybe Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson from glee). For Gale, well, Chord Overstreet would be good if he died his hair brown, but I don't know... This is just my opinion.

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