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by Alexandra - 3 Comment(s)

Yes. You read that right... Movie Maniacs, the TeenZone and our friends at Alliance Films are offering a FREE Double-Pass to "The Hunger Games" movie screening at 7:00 p.m. on March 22nd at Chinook Theatre. The movie isn't actually released until the next day, so you'll get to see it before anyone else!

Now, this contest is going to be a little trickier than usual, since this movie has a little more buzz than usual. To enter, you have to tell us WHY YOU DESERVE TO GO TO THE HUNGER GAMES -- and be creative! We're going to pit your entries in a battle-to-the-death (well... kind of...) to see who the champion is. That person will be informed on Wednesday March 21st -- exactly six days from now.

To enter:

1) Go to MOVIE MANIACS to tell us why YOU deserve to go to 'The Hunger Games'

2) Make sure to include a way to contact you- we need your name and library card number (which will not be posted). It would be awful to miss out on this chance -- make sure you include this info.

3) Be creative! Competition is stiffer than that in the 74th Hunger Games!

Good Luck! And may the odds be ever in your favour!


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by Anonymous
I deserve to win The Hunger Games advanced screening tickets so I can give to my sister and her best friend if I win. Im entering to try and win for my sister as a suprise. My sister read the 3 books in about 3 weeks. My sister and her friend are the bigggest hunger games fans and Suzanne Collins is their favourite author. My sister said the picked amazing actors and Josh Hutcherson who plays Peeta is their favourite actor.She said that Josh Hutcherson is her and her best friends apsulute favourite actor. They have a ton of his posters and most of his movies.She keeps going on and on about the book and most of what she talks about is Peeta. Shes counting down the days till its in theaters. She has all the hunger games apps and books. I told my mom I was going to enter and she said it was a great idea. If I win I think my sister will be screaming with joy and she would be so happy. It makes me happy to see my sister happy. This would be her dream come true. Than You for this amazing chance to make my big sisters day and the chance to make her dream come true.
by Anonymous
I think I deserve to go to the Hunger Games because the book was wonderfull and truly inspiring and so were the characters. Some of the characters had a lesson to teach. Example-Peeta is a very loving, caring, generious, sharing and forgiving person.Katniss was very determined to win the games for her little sister Prim and she was very loving and protective of her loved ones and is also trusting because she trusted Rue who could of killed her.I have rad lots of books thinking they were the best but when i read the hunger games i was very very wrong, the hunger games is by far the best book i have ever read. My best freind and I( who I will take to the movie if I win) read the book within 2-4 days. All we wanted to do is read the book. It was almost impossible for us to put the book down. The author has her ways of drawing you in.Lastly and most important thankyou for this amazing chance to see this amazing book made into a movie and thankyou to Suzanne Collins for these wonderfull and truly amazing trilogy.
by maheer ejaz
i have been reading the hunger games books for almost two months. i even have the mocking jay pin. i love the hunger games more then anything on earth

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