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by Alexandra - 13 Comment(s)

Okay. So here are two newsflashes for you just in case you've been hiding under a rock:

1) The Hunger Games is the biggest thing since sliced bread (from the Mellark Bakery): if you haven't read it, you must be crazy, AND

2) We have a killer new Teen Website! (Oooooooooh... SHINY!)

In celebration of both these things, we are holding ANOTHER Hunger Games Contest. Your entry will be up for one of these sweet prize packs:

And we've made it so that ANY teen (ages 12-17) can enter! There are three different categories; Art, Physical and Written, and the possibilities inside those categories are pretty much limitless. All you have to do is submit your work to TEENS CREATE and then post a comment on this blog!


Draw a Picture of Katniss' "Girl on Fire" Dress, or

Create an image of what you think Panem looks like, or

Make an alternate book cover for the trilogy, or

Draw a portrait of one of the characters, or

Do anything else artsy that will blow us away with your talent!


Video a demo of the skills YOU would bring to the Hunger Games arena, or

Create a rap about the Hunger Games and send us a recording, or

Dramatize a scene from the book and send us the YouTube clip! (Act it! Stop Motion! Animation! Anything!)

Or choose your own ending and wow us with what you come up with!

Written (1000 Word Max)

Write a poem (Limerick! Haiku! Epic Ballad! Anything!) or,

Write a Hunger Games FanFic! or,

Create an alternate ending or missing scene from the books or movie!

Or... well. You get it. We just want to see some cool Hunger Games stuff, okay?


1. Don't PLAGIARIZE! Use all your own ideas when making these, don't copy anyone elses' work (except Suzanne Collins, whom we are paying tribute to)...

2. You HAVE to use the word "Library" somewhere in your entry, or, if you are making an image, use the CPL logo () somewhere in it. This is how we will know you didn't copy something off the internet!

3. Upload your entry to the TEENSCREATE website

4. Write a comment on THIS blog with your Name, Teenscreate Screenname, and contact information. None of this information will be published.


Contest Ends April 6th at 5:00 pm


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by Amber K. (Keen)
Last I heard there was an extension and now I think maybe the person in charge might be on vacation? And thanks Nardine, I'm too old to win but had a fun time making a video anyways! ..Plus I got to dress up my cat as "Cat"niss. And that was just awesome. :D
by Nardine Ann Wasef
umm i have a question... does anybody know if someone won? sorry for commenting so much! i hope that whoever won enjoys it! :)
by Nardine Ann Wasef
Amber, awe thanx so much! I'm sure you did an amazing job!
by Amber K. (Keen)
Nardine I love your girl on fire dress! I think the little shiny jewel-type-things are so pretty! I think the little bits of blue you added in there make it even prettier. :D
by Nardine Ann Wasef
last time!! i promise. And good luck to you all, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
by Nardine Ann Wasef
okay this is the last time. i promise! okay so... ya. i tried the girl on fire dress but i had to enter my rough draft so it's not my best work. but thats okay. i entered!
by Nardine Ann Wasef
in my first entry i forgot to include the word library so i re-entered... so here it goes! i Love the hunger games!!!!
by nardin
i did it... hope i win. I adore the hunger games!
by Henna Hans
I'm gonna try my best and hope i win the contest and can prove that i'm the biggest fan of the hunger games
by Amber
I did it I did it! I combined a buncha the options! I designed Katniss/Catniss’ "Girl on Fire" Dress, invented an alternate ending, and dramatized it! I also made it very cultured, on account of the soundtrack is including Part 1 of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. That was actually purely coincidental. The orchestral changes just happened to correspond conveniently well with the video. And plus, it stars Figgy. Which is awesome. And he’s playing a GIRL. Which is also cultured like the old Shakespearian plays. And he’s wearing a costume. Which is pretty much as awesome as it gets, ever. And I am aware that I can’t actually win because I’m too old. But that’s ok, because the coolest part is that I actually FINISHED something! And even if the final product potentially drives the rest of the world insane, it amuses me greatly. And actually, the prospect of driving the rest of the world batty amuses me slightly as well. And that’s a pretty good prize right there. My name is Amber K. My My Teenscreate screen name is also Amber K. I’m probably never going to be anyone BUT Amber K, unless a smelly creepy potentially stalker-type person is asking for my name in which case I may temporarily decide to be Amanda Scott. I believe it has already been determined that contact info is not necessary, so I’m not gonna bother with that. Cheers!
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