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Popstar Throw-Down! Bieber vs. Psy

by Jilliane - 34 Comment(s)

Bieber Psy

There’s been lots of buzz on the “intra-web” about a certain South Korean rapper who is giving Justin Bieber something to quake about in his Supra sneakers:

Psy’s video, Gangnam Style is skyrocketing on the YouTube counter, heading straight for Viral Celebrity Status! This video was uploaded less than 2 months ago and it already has over 190 MILLION VIEWS!

His dance moves are awesome, the beat is hard and I don’t even care that I can’t sing along with the Korean words. Psy is definitely bringing a good fight.

Will he knock out our beloved Canadian icon in the battle of YouTube’s Most Watched Singer???


Psy Bieber
Job K-Pop Rapper Singer/ Heartthrob/Retired Hair-Flipper
# of years since first album dropped 11 4
Age 34 years old 18 years old
Education Boston University, Berklee College of Music St. Michael Catholic Secondary School (Ont.)
Song with the most # of YouTube hits Gangnam Style - 194,231,101 views Baby - 779,584,956 (I still like to watch this for the "Classic Bieber-ness")
Record Manager Scotter Braun Scotter Braun
Dance moves score Definitely a 10! 9... because they lack originality

So what do you think? Who has the best moves? Who will reign supreme? Will Psy push Bieber out as the YouTube popstar king?

If you need a little more info to form your opinion (although what we have on K-Pop & Psy is, admittedly, rather slight):

Bieber’s newest book is dropping soon at CPL: Just Getting Started by Justin Bieber

Bieber’s Mom also just released an autobiography with some juicy stories about her own struggles as a teen mom: Nowehere by Up: the Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom by Pattie Mallette

And lots more Bieber, Bieber, Bieber!

And finally, if you can’t get enough of K-POP, try: Wonder Girls and Rain

~Guest Blog By: Jackie~

UPDATE: On December 21st, the world didn't end, but Gangnam Style did become the first YouTube video ever to hit 1 BILLION views! I think we can call that a win...

~update by: Carrie~


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by Bootibutt

Psy.... Justin Beiber is cool but he isn't as original as Psy. Also As a kpop fan and a non-belieber I gotta go with him

Plus Psy's "Gangam Style" is enjoyable for people of all ages and nationalities while Justin Beiber's songs mostly are enjoyable for english speaking under 18 girls

by Naledi
So Justin Psy is just a one hit wonder
by Jennifer DeLario
Justin Bieber thinks he can dance but he really can't. He lacks originality and his real dancing is humongously CRAP. If you look cllosely at his dancing you can see that his plan is to try and top The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. However, PSY takes ordinary animaks and makes a dance OF HIS OWN and takes the attention of everyone EVERYWHERE! When's the last time you've seen Bieber come up with a new dance craze? When is the last time you've seen PSY with a new dance craze? For me that was last week! PSY is back bigger, better and dirtier (but in a good and funny way!)!
Check out PSY Gentleman on YouTube now!
by mrsbiebz

Definetly Justin! ♥

by Derpy

I think Psy..I don't really see Justin Bieber as a dancer... And plus I think Psy is more known for the dance move. Plus I kinda don't like JB <--Sorry beliebers but I'm a directioner :P Anyway...So yeah I think Psy if better but I think it's pretty immature..Psy is like 34 years old .. And JB is only 18.. Kinda childish if ya ask meh! But don't get me wrong I'm reeaalllyy immature x] But Psy is 34 years old. But I still think Psy if better, Beiber kinda just got forgotten :P But that's just my opinion. It's whatever you guys think. :D


A Directioner and Proud! :]

by Psy rocks


by neuhahasmiles

psy and justin beiber are both very good and just exept that plese dont fight eachother they are both popstars and you shouldnt care whos better you guys should know that psy and justin are great dont let people get in your way otherwise they should just apoligize live on the internet to eachothe



by unknown

psy needs to chill out. Justin is only 18. he is 34 and in the verge i

of death

by hello


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