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Seed Bombs: Getting to know bombus, and being eco chic this summer

by Alexandra May - 2 Comment(s)

BeeMaking seed bombs. Just what is a seed bomb you might ask? It’s basically a ‘bomb” (or “green grenade” of you like) that is made of dirt, clay, and seeds. The idea is not to spread violence, but growth. Throughout North America and Europe, many “guerrilla gardeners” use seed bombs to help beautify their cities, turning grey lifeless ashphalt into green spaces. Being a guerilla gardener can be as simple as doing something in your backyard, or just outside in your back alley, or by the side of an otherwise lifeless parking lot.

So why do people do it (garden that is)? Apparently, it’s revolutionary to plant things: a group of artists got together and actually had a “weed exchange”, where they dug up weeds , traded them, and replanted them throughout their city. I think we could do that with more than weeds – why not plant some native flowers or herbs you can eat instead?

Here is a link for some ideas on how to make a seed bombs (you can look for the eco friendly ones!).

Get to know Bombus.

Bombus is the bomb. Or, at least, sometimes these girls sound like low flying bombers as they fly by. Basically, bumblebees rock. If you’re scared of bees, you need to know a few things: 1) bees are not wasps (which actually can be pretty nasty!), 2) no, there are no “killer bees” in Calgary, so relax, and 3) bumblebees aren’t out to sting anybody unless they feel like you’re trying to hurt them – so don’t. Bees are also in trouble, as their populations are in decline. I figure, since we’ll be out guerrilla gardening anyway, why not make a seed bomb for bees? It’s just one more way to make the world a better, more interesting place.

You can visit for information about bees. Generally, bumble bees love purple and yellow flowers, and they really seem to love sunflowers, oregano and other herbs (which you can also eat!), snapdragons, as well as native flowers like asters and wild bergamot (which butterflies also love!)

Being eco chic

Gardening is also a great excuse to wear great hats. Seriously. It keeps the sun out of your eyes, off your skin, and can make you feel styling even when you’re out getting your hands dirty. Good shades are also a must, and don’t forget your gloves (yes, even garden gloves come in a variety of colours and styles too). Joining a community garden and growing stuff with your friends is a great way to spend some time this summer. Don’t forget the sunscreen.


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by Adele
Not bad at all fellas and gllaas. Thanks.
by Keydren
A good many valubeals you've given me.

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