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Horry for Aussie authors!

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

Is it just me, or are Aussie authors exceptionally fabulous?

Aussie #1: Melina Marchetta Jellicoe Road

A couple weeks ago I finished Melina Marchetta’s “Jellicoe Road.” In this book Taylor Markham faces just about every demon you can think of: a mother who abandoned her, a creep who tried to get her involved with child porn, a boyfriend who doubles as her sworn enemy, being a school dorm leader when she really doesn’t want to, nightmares about her mysterious past—you name it. Taylor has never met her father and doesn’t know anything about him and because her mother abandoned her at such an early age, she only has faint memories of her past. In her final year of school, Taylor decides it is finally time to unravel the mystery of her birth and childhood. Hopefully she can do this before her own life unravels.

Aussie #2: Markus Zusak The Book Thief

Markus Zusak hails from Sydney. I’d talk about The Book Thief, and I Am the Messenger—but I’m pretty sure you all already know how awesome they are.

The Lost ThingAussie #3: Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan is Author and illustrator of The Arrival, The Rabbits and The Lost Thing. I love them all, but right now I’m just going to talk about The Lost Thing.

A small boy is collecting bottle caps on a beach when he encounters a large lost thing. Against his better judgment, he begins to feel sorry for the thing and decides to help it find its home. He asks the people around if they know where the thing is from, he talks to his trusted friend—but no one can help. In fact, people don’t even seem to notice the lost thing. His friend suggests that some things are, “just plain lost.” Still, the boy continues his search for a place where the lost thing will belong.

Tan explores ideas of belonging versus being lost and asks readers why lost things are often invisible. He conveys this all with a whimsical prose and quirky illustrations.

As you can see, Aussies authors are tops.


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