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Prom Dress Extravaganza is Back!

by Jilliane Yawney - 1 Comment(s)

We had such a good time at Prom Dress Extravaganza last year that we are having another one--no wait! We're having another TWO.

If you need a formal dress this spring, or if you are interested in fashion design and want to learn about updating and tailoring dresses, come on down! A designer will be present as well as tons of dresses in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and styles. You will be able to try on dresses and the designer will give you tips on transforming your pre-loved dress into a unique piece!

**BONUS: you will get to take a dress home!**

Come to:

Village Square Library (2623-56 Street NE) March 12, 1:30-3pm

Crowfoot Library (8665 Nose Hill Drive NW) March 19, 1:00-3:30pm

Register online at, or by phone 403-260-2620, or stop by the library!

This program is for youth ages 15-17.

Presenting...the Central 2nd Saturday SLAM!

by Jilliane Yawney - 0 Comment(s)

First of all, let's talk about SLAM!

SLAM is a poetry competition. Poets bring 3 works that are timed to be exactly 3 minutes in length. They recite these works to an audience and a panel of judges, selected from the audience, gives them a 'grade.' There are 3 rounds of recitation and judging, after which a winner is selected!

I know, I know, you're thinking poetry?! Reciting poetry out loud?!! Judging?!!!

Let me promise you, this is not your grandmother's poetry.

A poetry SLAM! brings poetry to a whole new level--a beat-packed, crowd-cheering, performance-based, energy-filled level. A poetry SLAM! is about rhythm and expression. A poetry SLAM! is performance art that is fun for the performer and the audience. Let me repeat: this is not your grandmother's poetry (no offence, grandma).

Now if you're not into competition, no problem. You can come, listen, cheer, and judge. As I said, the audience is integral to the success of SLAM!

But if you do want to compete, here's how:

Bring 3 poems, each of them no longer than 3 minutes. You may not get to perform them all, but bring them just in case...and...get ready to SLAM!

Upcomming Youth SLAM!s

February 12 - 1:00pm - 2nd floor Central Library

March 12, 2011 - 1:00pm - 2nd floor Central Library

Are You Speechless?

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

Glossophobia: the fear of public speaking.

A whole lot of people have it. Trouble is, public speaking is involved in many, many different jobs. The good news is, public speaking is something you can learn. I did--when I was little I was ridiculously shy. At about age 12 my brother played The Smiths' song "Ask Me" to me. It goes like this, "Shyness is nice and shyness will stop you from doing all the things in life you'd like to." After that, I resolved to get over it, and I did.

Right now the library and Toastmasters International are offering a really great FREE program for teens aged 13-17 to help them with leadership and presentation skills. Call 403-260-2620, or go online to sign up.

Times and places it's offered:

Louise Riley: Wednesdays January 19th--March 9th, 4:30-6pm

Fish Creek: Tuesdays February 1st--March 22nd, 6:30-8pm

Village Square: Saturdays January 8th--Febuary 26th, 10:30am-12pm

Country Hills: Mondays February 7th--April 4th, 4-5:30pm

One Book One Calgary One Contest!

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

The Calgary Public Library challenges teens to a book trailer competition! Enter to win!

Step 1: Be part of a conversation - One Book One Calgary

What is One Book One Calgary? Well, it's big. Very big. Evenyone in Calgary - your mom, your sister, your grandfather - is going to be reading the same book, at the same time. To participate...

Step 2: Grab the book at your local library!

Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta is this year’s One Book One Calgary pick and it is full of quirky facts about Alberta’s mavericks – like did you know that Ralph Klein’s dad was a Stampede wrestler called ‘The Phantom’? To find out more, read the book and….

Step 3: Make a book trailer!

Just like a movie trailer, a book trailer is a short video that promotes a book. Try to keep your trailer no longer than 2 minutes, but otherwise be creative! Search online for book trailers to find examples and resources (click here and here for two awesome examples of Mavericks book trailers). In the book trailer show us your favourite Mavericks - and what you think is important, funny, or notable about Calgary as a city - and what makes us Mavericks. Then...

Step 4: Submit online and enter to win!

Upload your video to YouTube, or Google Video. Then, go to the library's Teens Create website, create an account and link your video to it for a chance to WIN! We're giving away iPod shuffles, iTunes gift cards - and much more. Contest ends November 30th at 11:59pm.

Write Now!

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

Upcoming...Open Mic Night

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

Open Mic Night

This is your chance to try out your new poem, play your new song, do your stand-up comedy routine, show off your mad dancing skills. You name it. It is open mic night. And it is FREE.

When: November 16 from 7-8 pm

Where:Louise Riley Library - 1904-14 Ave NW

Acoustic Songs & Electric Stories

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

Feel like relaxing to some good music this Saturday?

Join Chris Naish for an entertaining hour of songs and stories that tell of travels through India, England, and Mexico.

When: Saturday October 23rd from 2-3pm

Where: 2nd floor of the Central Library (616 Macleod Trail SE)

So You Think You Can Act?

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

Ever felt like trying out some acting?

Act-Out Youth Theatre is providing two FREE seminars on acting for teens!

Fish Creek Library, Sept 25, 2-4pm

Village Square Library, Oct 7, 4:30-6:30pm

Check them out!

Looking for work? Want to volunteer?

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s)

Go to The Calgary Service Canada Centre for Youth (SCCY) on Friday, August 6th from 1-4pm for a "SCCY Quest" where you will learn about the great programs and services available downtown for youth to utilize in their quest for a career. Best of all-it's FREE!.

Where: 220-4th Ave SE, Room 280

When: Friday, August 6th from 1pm-4pm

What: Cool activites to help you learn about resoures in downtown Calgary for youth with a focus on employment and volunteer opportunities

Why: Why not? It's FREE!

Note: Youth under 15 must have their parents sign a waiver stating they can participate. To locate a waiver or for any other questions regarding this event please call 403-292-5020

Summer in the City: Top 10 Cool Things to Do

by Alexandra May - 0 Comment(s) started out as a top 10 list, but I couldn't stop at 10. So here's my top 15 list of cool things to do this summer.

  1. Shakespeare in the Park
    • Cost: donation
  2. Taste of Calgary
    • Cost: Sampling tickets $0.75 each
    • Dates: August 12-15
  3. Shaw Millennium Skate Park
    • Cost: Free
  4. Tour Bernard CallebautReading Outside
    • Cost: Free
    • But if you want chocolate (which I'm sure you will) bring $$
  5. Calgary Corn Maze
    • Cost: $8.00
    • Opens July 30th
  6. Boating at Bowness Park
    • Cost: $15-$30 / hour
  7. Drum Circles at One World Drum Co.
    • Cost: $10
  8. Afrikaday
    • Cost: $20
    • Dates: August 9-14th
  9. Reggae Fest
    • Cost: $15
    • Dates: August 9-21st
  10. Rothney Astrophysical Observatory
    • Cost: $20 / carload
    • Dates: Open house 1 / month
  11. Global Fest
    • Cost: $10-$15
    • Dates: August 14th and 20-28th
  12. Roller Skate/Blade at Lloyd's Recreation
    • Check website for dates & cost
  13. Roller Derby
    • Cost: $10-$15
    • Dates: Varied
  14. Music/Art Events with the Local Library
    • Join FB group for updates and event listings
  15. Read
    • Cost: Free
    • Dates: Anytime

What's on your top 10 list?

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