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    A New Local Magazine: WAX

    by Philip Rivard - 0 Comment(s)

    The first issue was launched in November, but in this first week of January it's impossible to resist the parallel of a brand new magazine for a brand new year. If you needed anything extra to look forward to in 2011, look for Wax magazine at various local and independent coffeeshops, cafes, and retailers. With J. Fisher and Sheri-D Wilson as Poetry Editors and Kirk Ramdath as Editor-in-Chief this city is guaranteed to get a fresh injection of poetry into the stream of its arts community on a monthly basis.

    Wax is FREE, and with its black and white print it is also quite beautiful.

    Wax is also smart...

    "Wax seeks to carve out its own niche in the free-publication scene. We want to provide original artistic content to Calgarians for free. To pay for publication costs, we hope to create a truly alternative advertising model, prioritizing arts events and offering advertising at lower rates than other mainstream free publications.Wax believes that the combination of all these elements will result in a high quality literary product that enhances the writing and arts communities in Calgary, provides more exposure to local and independent businesses and arts organizations, and provides monetary compensation to every artist whose work is published or who is involved in the creation of the magazine." **

    [**Transplanted from Visit Wax website.]

    You can also check out Helen Hajnoczky’s new title Poets and Killers from Snare books which will be on library shelves very soon. Helen’s work was featured in the second issue of Wax. (Click on book covers to go to catalogue.)

    And check out these titles from the magazine's poetry editors:


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