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    Naomi K. Lewis - 2011 Writer in Residence

    by Philip Rivard - 0 Comment(s)

    I’ve never liked the month of August. Not sure why. Rather do July twice.

    One reason might be that I just adore Autumn, and the similarity between the words (both with 6 letters, both consisting of 3 ‘U’s, both beginning with the exact same two letters) just makes me wish August was really Autumn so we could get on with the best season of the year.

    The end of August will also mark the beginning of the library’s most wonderful service – our Writer-in-Residence program. Yes, and hooray, it’s back.

    This year we are blessed with author Naomi K. Lewis, who will take residence at Memorial Park Library for three months to mentor writers in the community, review manuscripts, and provide constructive criticism during individual consultations.

    Click here for Manuscript Submission Guidelines.

    Click here for a list of all the other wonderful events, workshops, and opportunities coming this fall.

    Whether you are a beginning writer trying to find your literary-singing voice or an established writer needing professional appraisal, don’t miss this 3-month window of opportunity to learn from the very best.

    Get familiar with Naomi K. Lewis’ work – titles available at the library:Cricket in a Fist

    Journey prize stories


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