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    Finding Your Voice

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    If you haven't had a chance to take advantage of the library's wonderful Writer-in-Residence services, tonight is your last chance to attend one of Naomi K. Lewis' writing workshops.

    It starts at 6pm at the beautiful Memorial Park library - 1221 2nd Street SW.

    Tonight's topic?

    Finding Your Voice...

    "...a workshop to explore the apprehensions and assumptions that bog down style. Participants will practice techniques to recognize and navigate around the most prevalent obstacles to authenticity."

    There will also be one more "TUESDAY NIGHT WRITE" on November 22, where you have a chance to join Naomi K. Lewis for one hour of prompted silent writing and one hour of discussion.

    These intimate opportunities to work with a professional writer only come once a year. Don't miss out!

    Click here for more information on Naomi K Lewis.

    Click here for the Nook's very own interview, posted two weeks ago.


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