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    The Department of Forgotten Histories

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    A very exciting call for submissions has been announced...


    Knock on Any Door: A Century of “Art and Social Engagement” is a publication that documents historical non-art activities that have occurred in Calgary, Alberta throughout the last century and re-interprets them as if they were contemporary art projects!

    A collection of twelve essays edited by Eric Moschopedis, Mia Rushton, and Sharon Stevens, Knock on Any Door is the inaugural project of the Department of Forgotten Histories (DoFH). Founded by Rushton and Moschopedis, the purpose of DoFH is to recover and chronicle historical community collaborations, social activities, or acts of generosity that were never intended to be creative acts, but when viewed through the prism of contemporary art, are...

    The essays in Knock on Any Door will no doubt be playful and critical, anecdotal and specific...

    Letter of Interest Submission Deadline - April 20, 2012



    Need help coming up with an idea?

    The Community Heritage and Family History Digital Library is one perfect place to start.

    Or visit the Local History Room on the 4th floor of Castell Central library, where you'll find a massive archive of newspaper clippings, historic phonebooks, and even random miscellanea of Calgary's past.

    Or try the award-winning Community Heritage and Family History blog, which has been extracting stories from Calgary's past since 2008.

    With only twenty days to submit our letters of interest, it is time to get to work. Now.


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