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    People Park is here!

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    Since the 2008 award-winning short story collection The Withdrawal Method many fans of Pasha Malla have spent the last four years eagerly anticipating his first novel length work.

    The wait is over.

    Click here to place a hold on People Park.

    The official release date is July 1, Canada Day, and it sounds really good...

    It's the Silver Jubilee of People Park, an urban experiment conceived by a radical mayor and zealously policed by the testosterone-powered New Fraternal League of Men. To celebrate, the insular island city has engaged the illustrationist Raven, who promises to deliver the most astonishing spectacle its residents have ever seen. As the entire island comes together for the event, we meet an unforgettable cross-section of its inhabitants, from activists to nihilists, art stars to athletes, families to inveterate loners. Soon, however, what has promised to be a triumph of civic harmony begins to reveal its shadow side. And when Raven's illustration exceeds even the most extreme of expectations, the island is plunged into a series of unnatural disasters that force people to confront what they are really made of.

    People Park is a tour de force of eerily prescient, grotesque, and hilarious observation and a narrative of gripping, unrelenting suspense. Malla writes as if the twin demons of Stephen King and Flannery O'Connor were resting on his shoulders. You've never read anything quite like People Park.




    A Wild West Wordfest

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    It’s kind of scary to think that a month and a half has passed since we first posted about Wordfest’s exciting postcard story contest, TumbleWord. Is June really half over? Is summer slipping away from us before it even officially starts?


    But that's ok. Before solstice sweeps us into a painfully short season of hailstorms, during which the Calgary Stampede will enjoy its 100th year, Wordfest is helping the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth celebrate with a "mini-festival" that launches this Monday, June 18, and runs through to June 20. It's Wild West Wordfest. For 3 days the festival known for bringing readers and writers together is gonna bring readers and riders together, and the lineup looks great...

    (...all Wild West WordFest events are FREE.)

    Wild West WordFest Launch

    Monday, June 18

    5:30pm, Motion Art Gallery, Eau Claire Market

    Festival kicks-off with the winners of the TumbleWord writing contest and a reception. Hosted by Kris Demeanor.

    Anita Crowshoe

    Stories of the West - Tuesday, June 19

    Noon, Community Room, Eau Claire Market

    Spend your lunch hour with storyteller Anita Crowshoe and her amazing stories of our unforgettable heritage. Hosted by Dr. Yvonne Trainer.

    Cowboy Wild - Tuesday, June 19

    7pm, Art Gallery of Calgary

    David Campion and Sandra Shields present from Cowboy Wild, a photography book that reflects on the myths of the Stampede and the meaning of the West. Introduction by Brian Rusted.

    Nook Note* A book this beautiful might belong in your personal library, but just so you know, Cowboy Wild is available at the library... Click book cover to place your hold!

    ...and the grande finale, taking place right here at the Central library...

    Cowboy Cabaret

    Wednesday, June 20

    7pm, John Dutton Theatre, Calgary Public Library

    Doris Daley, Bob Dyck, Bruce Innes, Hannah Stilwell, Yvonne Trainer, Sheri-D Wilson and other special guests close out Wild West WordFest with a cowboy cabaret, featuring spoken word and song! Hosted by Donna Livingstone.

    Please RSVP to

    See y'all there!

    The Practice of Poetry

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    Poetry is a mysterious beast that does something different for every person that discovers its magic. Whatever you want poetry to be, there it is, already waiting for you to make it your own. Also waiting for you, next Thursday at Fish Creek, is an award-winning writer who currently teaches at the University of Victoria – Madeline Sonik, for a fun exercise-based workshop. Whether you're already a poet or aspire to be one, this workshop will show you the fundamental tricks of the writer's trade…

    Thursday, June 21

    6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

    Third floor - Meeting room


    Madeline Sonik is an eclectic, award-winning writer and anthologist whose fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction have appeared in literary journals internationally. Her published book-length works include a novel, Arms, a collection of short fiction, Drying the Bones, a children’s novel, Belinda and the Dustbunnys, a poetry collection, Stone Sightings, and a book of personal essays, Afflictions & Departures, which was recently nominated for the BC National Award for Canadian Non-fiction and was a finalist for The Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-fiction. Her new poetry collection, The Book of Changes, has just been released. She holds an MA in Journalism, an MFA in Creative Writing, and a PhD in Education and currently teaches at The University of Victoria in British Columbia.

    Click on book covers to find Madeline Sonik's work at the library...

    Young Alberta Writers at Camp Kiwanis

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    If you are a young writer intent on getting a real solid head-start on mastering the craft of writing, or perhaps you know a talented young writer in the family who could use some extra stimulus over the melting drag of summer, look no further...

    There isn’t much else I can say here that isn’t laid out at the Young Alberta Writers website (, which is where you will find Registration Forms, a very impressive list of instructors, and much more, but here is a heads-up on the dates:

    Week 1 (for ages 12-14): July 8-13, 2012

    Week 2 (for ages 15-19): July 15-21, 2012

    Another thing I wish I’d done as a kid (other than go to a camp like this) is read the books of my writing instructors. It's the best way to know where they are coming from and to get the most out of their expertise. So if you are lucky enough to get out to Camp Kiwanis this summer for WordsWorth, check out some of the instructors’ books, available at the library...

    derek beaulieu

    Marcello Di Cintio

    Sandy Pool

    Brendan Mcleod

    Cathy Ostlere