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    Young Alberta Writers at Camp Kiwanis

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    If you are a young writer intent on getting a real solid head-start on mastering the craft of writing, or perhaps you know a talented young writer in the family who could use some extra stimulus over the melting drag of summer, look no further...

    There isn’t much else I can say here that isn’t laid out at the Young Alberta Writers website (, which is where you will find Registration Forms, a very impressive list of instructors, and much more, but here is a heads-up on the dates:

    Week 1 (for ages 12-14): July 8-13, 2012

    Week 2 (for ages 15-19): July 15-21, 2012

    Another thing I wish I’d done as a kid (other than go to a camp like this) is read the books of my writing instructors. It's the best way to know where they are coming from and to get the most out of their expertise. So if you are lucky enough to get out to Camp Kiwanis this summer for WordsWorth, check out some of the instructors’ books, available at the library...

    derek beaulieu

    Marcello Di Cintio

    Sandy Pool

    Brendan Mcleod

    Cathy Ostlere


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