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    Metaphors of Process

    by Phil - 2 Comment(s)

    The hardest part about writing a blog for writers is that there are so many different types of writing, all of which require their own exclusive set of skills and are built atop their own separate foundations. Even inside the mind of a single writer the poet, novelist, and journalist may push each other around for territory. And even once we’ve decided on our form of expression, or once a form has a chosen us, there is an endless number of forks in the road (and short cuts and scenic routes and flowers to smell) until we’ve eventually, hopefully, carved out a unique perch, or hole, where we can get to work.

    All writers do share one common thread, though. Under any form, at any stage, for any purpose, we are all obviously engaging in a writing process. How we get from one word to the next, from one sentence to a paragraph, piling lines on to the page, hammering and ironing the text until it at least resembles an original vision, is always and necessarily a mysterious and personal process.

    The more we understand our own processes, regardless of form, the better chance we have of unleashing the full power of language. Here at the Nook we have been analyzing different approaches to the act of writing and assembling them into convenient metaphorical categories.

    So far, we’ve got 3:

    1. The Gardener

    Plants a seed, nurtures the soil.

    Requires great patience.

    Must tolerate dry season.

    2. The Over-Night Truck Driver

    At night, headlights on to illuminate the road, grips the wheel and drives forward.

    No stopping until the next town, or morning.

    3. The Fisherman

    The important thing is to keep the line in the stream, always.

    Always prepared for a bite and willing to throw a few back.


    Each metaphor requires and will receive its own clarification in a separate blog post. Hopefully we’ll get there before winter. Until then, does your process resemble one of these?

    If your process isn’t on our list, leave a comment and tell us how you write.

    And we can't leave here without mentioning some of the best inspirational books for writers. Click the covers to find one at your local branch.


    The Secret Miracle

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    by Phil

    Think we could also grow a garden on the dashboard!

    by Heather

    Can you be a truck driving fisherman or a fishing truck driver?

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