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    The Best Things in Life are Free

    by Janice - 0 Comment(s)

    Free Online Magazines (including Poets & Writers)

    As of last week, library members now have access to hundreds of free online magazines through Zinio.

    I love magazines and have purchased some through Zinio. I was rather floored when I looked through the titles available so far through the Calgary Public Library Zinio database, some of which I've paid for in the past.

    There are some great magazines for Writers (some of which are pictured below), and many others magazine lovers are sure to want.

    The insanely crazy best part? You "check out" the magazine issues for free, but then you get to keep them. Forever. (shhhhhh.)

    Getting Started With Zinio

    All you need to get started is your library membership. You'll have to register with both the Calgary Public Library Zinio page and with the Zinio site. Once you've done that, you can start getting and reading the magazines (on a computer, tablet, iPad, smartphone) immediately.


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