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    When Words Collide

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    Last year's inaugural When Words Collide festival must have done something right. Not only is the festival back for another year, it is roaring back with an amazing lineup of writers, artists, performers, and publishers who all want to help bring us together, in Calgary and beyond, for a sharing of information, for learning, and to build a sense of community.

    Perhaps its strength is appeal to readers and writers of many genres : Mystery, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Romance, Literary, Historical, Western, Film scripts, Poetry...

    Here are 2012's Guests of Honour:

    Anthony Bidulka (Mystery)

    Kelley Armstrong (Romance)

    Kevin J. Anderson (Science Fiction)

    Rebecca Moesta (YA) well as publisher guest Adrienne Kerr - the Commissioning Editor of Commercial Fiction at Penguin Group (Canada) and poet/songwriter Vanessa Cardui.

    Four concurrent streams of programming, including panels of speakers debating topics on: Writing, Literature, Publishing, Art (cover / interior), Kaffe klatches (meet a Guest of Honour or other author in a small group setting), Pitch sessions, Blue-pencil cafe, Parties, Merchant's Corner.

    For complete information on the 2012 When Words Collide festival, go to



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