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    Live @ Central: Guy Gavriel Kay

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    The Calgary Public Library is so so excited to host one of the world's finest fantasy authors and one of Canada's most beloved and widely-read novelists in any genre — Guy Gavriel Kay. In the critically acclaimed “Under Heaven” Guy Gavriel Kay told a vivid and powerful story inspired by China’s Tang Dynasty. Now, the international bestselling and multiple award-winning author revisits that invented setting four centuries later in ”River Of Stars”. The praise pours in...

    “From whatever angle you approach it, River of Stars is a major accomplishment, the work of a master novelist in full command of his subject. It deserves the largest possible audience.”

    -The Washington Post

    “Here you’ll find all the scheming and skulduggery that give “Game of Thrones” its zest, refined to the subtlest of arts. Kay invokes a world of stylized manners and deadly gambits, infused with an aesthetic founded on the most exquisite appreciation of the beauty and melancholy of the natural world.”

    River of Stars is the sort of novel one disappears into, emerging shaken, if not outright changed. A novel of destiny, and the role of individuals within the march of history, it is touched with magic and graced with a keen humanity.”

    -The Globe and Mail

    Don't miss an opportunity on Tuesday, May 14, to spend an evening with Guy Gavriel Kay. The event starts at 7 PM in the John Dutton Theatre (2nd floor, Central library). Registration has just begun and is sure to fill up quick. You can REGISTER ONLINE or by calling 403-260-2620.

    Under Heaven. 2010. Ysabel. 2007. World Fantasy Novel of the Year. River of Stars. 2013.
    The Summer Tree. 1984. First book of The Fionavar Tapestry. Tigana. 1990. Winner of the 1991 Prix Aurora Award. Beyond this Dark House. 2003. Poems!

    Click book covers to place a hold on your library copy today.


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