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    How iRan

    by Phil - 0 Comment(s)

    This winter the library, High Performance Rodeo, and Productive Obsession are offering Calgarians the experience of story like we've never seen, heard, or read before. Created by Ken Cameron, HOW iRAN is "an interactive, site-responsive, nonlinear installation-story" delivered through iPods.

    How this will work I have no idea but I imagine some combination of Choose Your Own Adventure books (except with much heavier, more interesting content), one of those guided audio tours through Alcatraz (except it's the Central Library), and a travel narrative with real political relevance. At High Performance Rodeo's website we are introduced with teasers to three main characters:

    "Meet Emily the librarian, an American Quaker who protested the Vietnam War. Get inside the head of Ramin, the Persian security guard with an engineering degree. Follow the fate of Hossein, who used internet journalism to challenge authority in a brutal regime."

    No registration is required. Just come to 4th floor Information desk at any of the showtimes listed here. There will be 24 opportunities on eight different days from January 23 - February 1.

    You may also reserve a listening/viewing time through High Performance Rodeo.

    Questions? Please call 403-260-2742.

    Developed with funding from Calgary 2012 and the Canada Council for the Arts; written and produced by Ken Cameron.

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