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Signal Hill Public Art Project

Signal Hill Library

The Calgary Public Library is pleased to announce that Calgary artist, Carl White, has been selected to create an outdoor public art installation at the Signal Hill Library in the city’s southwest. See our Media Advisory for more information.

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Calgary Public Library now provides free space for art exhibits at four Calgary Public Library locations: the Central Library, Country Hills Library, Southwood Library, and Thorn-Hill Library.

Drop by to enjoy the creative works produced by local artists, reflecting Calgary's diverse attitudes and interests. Artists, find out how to apply to have your work shown at the Calgary Public Library.



Library Staff Art Show

Central Library, May 2014


Martin Aguilar

Martin Aguilar was born in Nicaragua; he studied Art & Literature in Managua. He is a self-taught musician, poet and a painter. He likes experimenting with bright colors and his works are rich in textures and mixed media. He has had one personal exhibition, at ART CENTRAL in June 2013.


Heart and the Guitar


Dayna Bordage

I have struggled with the reasons as to why I paint what I paint. I paint the glass that I'm drinking out of, I paint my flowers in the spring, and I paint the mountain views an hour from my house. I paint my daughter, myself, and sometimes fleeting glimpses of light reflected on the walls.

There is something about the experience of painting what I'm seeing — something that I can't capture in a photograph. There is something about taking these things out of the everyday and elevating them above the monotony of life. It's how I cope and it's how I connect with people; this is where I find beauty.

May 1st Facing South, acrylic on masonite


Marie Flynn

As a primarily self-taught independent artist, I rely on the desire for beauty and tranquility in my still life paintings, choosing acrylics as my medium of choice coupled with a natural style for detail, form and colour. My art allows me to strive for a more realistic effect, which represents the way in which I visually see my subjects in my world.


White Magnolia, acrylic on canvas


Barbara Oliveira-Lim

Barbara Oliveira was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and studied Visual Design at University of Calgary. She loves using bright colors to represent the life style, the people and memories of growing up in Brazil. The word Favela means Slum in Portuguese.




Inna Taikova

A prolific painter of flowers, portraits and nature, Inna Taikova discovered her talent just a few years ago. She brings her art into every area of her life — her clothes and costume making, her volunteer work, her acting, her costume making and her family. In her flower art and her portraits she tries to express a feeling that comes from her soul. Not only does she want to make a world a beautiful place, but she tries to enrich an entire community through art.