Getting Started with Zinio

Zinio gives you free access to over 350 popular magazines for reading on your tablet, smartphone or computer. You can borrow as many magazines at once as you like, and keep them as long as you like.

Getting Started

To use Zinio you need two Zinio accounts: a CPL Zinio account and a account.

  1. Log into CPL's Zinio collection with your library card number and password.
  2. Create a CPL Zinio account by clicking Create New Account and fill in all the fields.
  3. Select a magazine by clicking on its cover. Click Checkout. Click Start Reading.
  4. A screen will open. Click Create a account.
  5. Fill in the fields, using the SAME email address and password as before. Click Register.


Get the Zinio app

Get the app to download magazines onto your tablet or smartphone. The app is a reader only.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many magazines can I borrow?

You can borrow as many as you like — no limits!

Do I have to return the magazines?

No, you can keep them for as long as you want or delete them from your computer or device when you're done with them.

Why do I have to create two accounts?

As a Calgary Public Library cardholder you have free access to Zinio by connecting your CPL Zinio account to your account.

Why do I keep getting the error message that I’m using the wrong password, when I’m not?


To check out eMagazines from Zinio for free with your Calgary Public Library card, you need to create a CPL Zinio collection account AND a account. After checking out a magazine from the CPL Zinio collection, will open—click Create a Zinio account on this screen, then enter your name, email address and password to create your account.

Why are some magazines not available?

CPL is pleased to offer a wide variety of over 350 North American and Canadian magazines. Some magazine publishers, however, do not offer access to their magazines through the Zinio for Libraries service.

Can I read eMagazine issues on my computer offline?

Yes, you can. First download an issue from the CPL Zinio collection. Then download the Zinio Desktop Reader to your computer to read issues on your computer offline.

How do I delete an issue from my computer?

Log into and click Your Library, then Edit your reading list. Click on the "X" to delete an issue.

How do I use Zinio on my smartphone or tablet?

  1. First check magazines out from our Zinio collection in your browser.
  2. Download the Zinio app.
  3. Sign into the app using the same email you used to set up your CPL Zinio account. When you sign into the app your Library Reading List will load. Tap the cover to download the magazine.
  4. To delete an issue go to My Library, select Edit, then select the issue and Remove.

The app is a reader only. Always go to our Zinio collection to browse and check out magazines.

Why is Zinio asking me to pay?

If you try to download Zinio magazines from the site or from the app you'll be prompted to pay. Always go to our Zinio collection to browse and check out magazines.

How do I use Zinio on my Kindle Fire?

See Zinio's Kindle help page.

How do I opt out of emails?

Every time you check out a magazine you will receive a confirmation email from Zinio. To turn off all other emails:

1. Sign into your account and click on the gear icon at the top of your browser.

Zinio gear icon

2. Select Account Settings.
3. Click Preferences.
4. Under Your Interests uncheck "let zinio decide"
5. Under Email Preferences select No.
6. Click Save Changes.

More questions?

Check Zinio's Help page.