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Centennial Programs

Invest in the next 100

With your support the next 100 years of Calgary Public Library will be incredible. With a new Central library on the horizon, and new ways to provide a gateway to information, knowledge and connection - the Calgary Public Library is committed to providing access to everything you're into.

About The Calgary Public Library Foundation

The Calgary Public Library Foundation is a registered charity, separate from the Calgary Public Library itself. The funds raised by the Foundation through the generosity of our donors do not replace the Library’s core funding, but rather enhance the special programs and services that the Library can provide. As one of the lowest funded Canadian libraries per capita, we all need to invest in information and enrichment for all Calgarians.

Our donors are very special people who strongly believe in the essential role that an outstanding public library can play in a community’s quality of life. The gifts of literacy and life-long learning touch everyone – regardless of age, gender, or income. We invite you to invest in the Calgary Public Library and its longstanding commitment to help all Calgarians to realize their potential.

A library is a place of possibilities. Your donation is an investment in the potential that lives within all of us.