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Library Stuff

A Guide to the Library’s Stuff

Your Library is a great place to meet friends, to study and do homework, or just spend some time reading or playing on the computer. Here’s a quick guide to the Library’s stuff!

How do I get the Library’s stuff?

You need a Calgary Public Library card to borrow things and to use the computers. Getting one is super easy. First, you need to live in Calgary. Second, just bring a parent or guardian to the Library to sign the registration form with you, or you can take the form home and have it signed.

If you’re 12 or under your card is FREE. If you’re over 12, there’s a small charge, but we’re pretty sure allowance will cover it (totally worth it).

What kind of stuff do I get?

You can borrow lots of stuff with your Library card. There are:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • CDs
  • DVDs and Blu-Rays
  • Audio books and e-books

Plus, you can use the computers at the Library to:

  • Surf the Internet
  • Send e-mail
  • Explore the Library’s website, including online databases that really help with homework
  • Use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Play online games

What’s the catch?

You have to bring the stuff back! Everything’s due back three weeks after you borrow it, except DVDs which are due back in one week. Some things can be renewed and we are happy to show you how! Remember, there are fees for overdue items, so don’t be late!

How do I find stuff?

You can come into any Library and look around. If you can’t find something, just ask! Chances are we either have it, or can get it for you.

You can also search our catalogue. You can put holds on stuff and we’ll call or email you when it’s ready for pickup.

Want to know more about Dewey? Download this page to find out how we organize our stuff: Kids' Guide to Dewey