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Hunger Games Challenge

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The Forest Lawn Library just hosted their first

Hunger Games Challenge!!

It was an overwhelming great success.

A total of 25 people attended the program, but we only had room for 20 participants. The rest of them cheered from the sidelines as they watched each team battle to the end.

The Game started with our very own Effie Trinket annoucing the two tributes for each district and the rules.


As usual, "may the odds be ever in your favor" she said...


Round 1: Survival of the fittest!

This was our attempt at recreating the Cornucopia.

We loaded it up with all the neccessary items that each team needed to survive. It was up to the individual to choose wisely.

We started the battle with the Cornucopia challenge. This round involved each individual selecting essential items that will help them in surviving the game arenea. They also had to choose wisely, as some items were worth more points than others, and some can be detrimental.

Bracelet Making

Round 2: Battle of the knots!

Each tribute had to use their 'knot' skills to create a bracelet that will dazzle the Capital judges.


Round 3: Aim for the Target!

Think you can be the next Katniss Everdeen? Each tribute was put through the test, the player with the most accuracy points won the challenge.


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