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Ya Hooo~!

by Cindy - 3 Comment(s)

It's that time of year again...the sun is shining, birds are signing...bacon, sausage and pancakes fills the air! I hope you are all enjoying the many festivities that are going on around the city. Don't forget that the Annual International BRZ Stampede Breakfast is happening on July 12 along 17 Avenue SE. Come stop by and visit our booth and along with other vendors. Every year the Forest Lawn Library looks forward to this great opportunity to engage with its community!

On July 6th, some of the Forest Lawn staff participated in the once and a life time Centannial Stampede Parade! Some of us got up at 5AM, while others were too excited to even sleep the night before. When we arrived we all got dressed in our western gear, and got our face painted by a super duper costume/makeup personel. As the time started to countdown to the 9 O'Clock opening of the parade, we all got the little butterflies. Standing there in the bright sun with all of us in formation, it was finally our time to shine. The whole experience was full of laughters, cheers, and of course sweat!

-Happy Stampede from the Staff at Forest Lawn Library! Yahoooooo!

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by Cindy

@Anthony- I'm glad you enjoyed the Cyber Seniors Connect Computer Program. Don't forget to check out other computer classes!

by anthony lucio po

Today's computer for seniors is very good! Thank you so much

by Elizabeth

Awesome Pictures!!

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