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We're Back!

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cupcake stackedThe Teen Afterschool Series launched again for Winter/Spring with a BANG! Over 90 teens attended the event that included video games, board games, button-making, pizza and freshly made on-site waffles.

The Teen Afterschool program is held at the Forest Lawn Library every Monday - Thursday after school hours in collaboration with Calgary Afterschool. This time around we've changed things up a bit. Every Thursday we will be hosting a Food Challenge. We're not talking about Fear Factor style, but whether or not can you cook and decorate? Let the creative one win!

Here's a little sneak peek of our first challenge on Jan 31st. Each teen had to decorate their cupcakes in a very unique way. We supply the items, all you have to do was get messy!

Cupcake partyWorm Cupcakes

Some notable programs we will be offering for the teens includes First Aid certification, a bike mechanics course through Two Wheel View, a tobacco awareness workshop, a budgeting workshop through Momentum, and a DJ guest speaker.

We hope to see you at some or all of our programs!

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