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Staff Pick: One Pot, One Bowl

Staff Pick: One Pot, One Bowl

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One Pot, One Bowl

By Kim McCosker, published by Meymott Enterprises, 2012

When people ask me do you cook? I say yes... but my type of cooking is all in one pot and then forget about it.

I'm the type of cook who likes things simple. Anything that requires over five ingredients and all those extravagant herbs (some I don't even know how to pronounce) are asking too much from me.

Just the other day I stumbled upon this new book: One Pot, One Bowl. It was just calling for me. All the recipes requires four or less ingredients, which is an added bonus! The instructions are simple, and easy to follow. Also, there are beautiful color pictures along each side of the recipe. I actually like to see how it looks before I make it, just like the saying "you eat with your eyes."

The recipe book covers different kind of meals from brunches, to soup and desserts. There's bound to be something that will work!

Bon Appetite!


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