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Teen Afterschool: April 22-25

Teen Afterschool: April 22-25

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Here’s what’s going on the week of April 22-25. Drop by anytime between the hours of 4:00-5:30 Mon-Wed!

Don’t forget we have a private study room (with cushy chairs!) available for teens during these hours on a first come, first serve basis. We’ll give you a snack and you can shut the door and get down to business.

MONDAY – HALO 4 TOURNAMENT – It’s gaming time! Drop by and show off your Halo skills for a chance to win EBGAMES GIFT CARDS. We’ll also have the Wii set up for some casual gaming if Mario Kart is more your speed. If you’d prefer good old-fashioned board games we have a pretty good selection – Cranium, TWISTER, Candyland, and Othello, just to name a few. As usual, computers will be up and running as well for all you Facebook junkies.


TUESDAY T-SHIRTS TRANSFORMED – Everyone has at least a few T-Shirts they don’t wear anymore. Rather than sitting unworn, taking up space in you dresser, why don’t you bring them by and jazz them up a bit. Sharpie Tie-Dye will leave it looking sharp (pun intended), or if you don’t mind cutting up the shirt, you can make a T-shirt bag or even a dog toy! Gaming and computers are still available if you’re not the creative type.



ART CONTEST – In June, we’re going to be celebrating World Refugee Day at the Forest Lawn Library by having a simulation refugee camp. You’ll get a back story and there will be various challenges to overcome such as finding food and water. We’ll also be welcoming a former refugee to the Library.

To build up to this event we’re having an Art Contest with amazing PRIZES! You’ll find out more when you come to the Library. Before we get into the t-shirts (which will be awesome!) we’ll be welcoming Stephanie from CIWA to chat about multiculturalism. This will be a short talk with

FREE PIZZA provided for those who come!


WEDNESDAY Candy Sushi + DJ Kyle Morgan – We’ll be making sushi out of candy, and eating it of course! Let’s see what cool creations we can come up with. On this day we’ll also be welcoming DJ Kyle Morgan for a DJ lesson! For the musically-challenged, gaming and computers will be on hand.

sushi DJ

THURSDAYTwo Wheel View – For those who are registered, make sure you come to our bike mechanics course on Thursday. For those of you who are bummed that you missed a chance to earn a bike, we will be offering this program again in the fall!


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