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Forest Lawn is the place to be: April 29 - May 2

Forest Lawn is the place to be: April 29 - May 2

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MONDAYGAMING– It’s gaming time! Get your thumbs stretched and limbered up (wouldn’t want to sprain something). We have a ton of games for the Wii and a growing selection of Xbox games as well. Also, if you’d like to bring 360 or Wii games from home feel free (must be rated T or under though). If you couldn’t care less about Master Chiefs or portly Italian plumbers we always have a selection of good ol’ fashioned board games too. And yes, computers will be on as well for all you Facebook junkies.

TUESDAY STRATEGY GAMES– Back by popular demand is Strategy Games! There’s some good ones here including: Bang, Carcassonne, Save Doctor Lucky, Ticket to Ride, Junta Viva El Presidente, and Poo. Yes, there is a card game about monkeys throwing POO! I played it last time and I must say I’ve never had as much fun flinging feces as I did that day. If board games aren’t your thing, we also have the gaming equipment and computers if you just want to chill.

Also, Deborah from CIWA will be back again with another short interactive activity on Multiculturalism. Those who come at 4:00 will get chocolate bars! Chocolate Bar WEDNESDAY FOOD DAY AT BOB BAHAN POOL – So far we’ve made cookies, nachos, smoothies, chocolate fondue and more. What could it be this time? Fillet Mignon? Swordfish? Caviar? If you want to see what’s next, either meet us at the pool, or in the Library lobby at 3:45 if you want to head over with us. I still maintain that free food is the best food.

THURSDAYTWO WHEEL VIEW – For those who are registered, make sure you come to our bike mechanics course on Thursday. For those of you who are bummed that you missed a chance to earn a bike, we will be offering this program again in the fall! Bike Hope to see you all this week!


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