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Keeping it real at Forest Lawn with the Teen Afterschool!

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MONDAYGAMING–Gaming as usual. Show off your skills and practice up for the Halo tournament which will be coming up in a couple weeks. Also, if you’d like to bring 360 or Wii games from home feel free (must be rated T or under though). If gaming just isn’t your thing, we have some good ol’ board games too. And yes, computers will be on as well for all you Facebook junkies.

HaloHalo Reach: Noble Six commorancy@flickr

TUESDAY DUCT TAPE ART– Listen up all you creative types, Duct Tape Art is back! You can make wallets, flowers, heck…a whole duct tape suit if you put your mind to it (which would be ridiculously uncomfortable when you think about it). Or if you just need some ducts taped, you know, the original purpose that duct tape was designed for, you can bring them in too J. This one is sure to be a blast! Also, Deborah from CIWA will be back again with another short interactive activity on Multiculturalism. These have been pretty cool so far and for those who come at 4:00…PIZZA!!!

Duct Tape FlowerPizza

WEDNESDAY FEAR FACTOR CHALLENGE!!!– This was one of our coolest programs last fall and it’s only gotten better! You’ll have to bring your cast iron stomachs with you as there will be an eating challenge! If you’re the type who gets squeamish at strange “snacks”, fear not as there will be other challenges for you to earn points in (or rather, do fear as that’s sort of the name of the game). We have some great prizes for you to win if you can handle to pressure. Are you brave enough?

Fear Factor

THURSDAYTWO WHEEL VIEW – For those who are registered, make sure you come to our bike mechanics course on Thursday. For those of you who are bummed that you missed a chance to earn a bike, we will be offering this program again in the fall!


Don’t forget we have a private study room (with cushy chairs!) available for teens during these hours on a first come, first serve basis. We’ll give you a snack and you can shut the door and get down to business.

Hope to see you all next week!

Also, for your information, the East Calgary Health Centre now offers a Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic for teens on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 12 and 4:30. Birth control information & low cost supplies, emergency contraception, STI testing & treatment, pregnancy tests & options support, and HIV tests. This is a drop-in clinic and it is completely confidential. Parent permission is not required for you to visit the clinic. The East Calgary Health Centre is located at 4715 8th Avenue SE. 403-955-1431.


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