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What's cool afterschool?

What's cool afterschool?

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Hey teens!

Here's another week of adventures for you after a nice long weekend. Don't let the fun stop! Drop by anytime between the hours of 4:00-5:30 Mon-Wed!

MONDAYVICTORIA DAY – LONG WEEKEND!!! Obviously you guys won't be coming in today but just so you know, NO PROGRAM TODAY. Go outside, enjoy the weather. Get some sun, you're all too pale!

Victoria Day PostCard

TUESDAY JIANT JENGA (yes I know I spelled giant wrong) – We have both of the Jenga sets so there will be two times the madness. I still maintain that we can get it as high as the ceiling but so far you guys have let me down. Bring your brick stacking A-game this time guys!

Giant Jenga


The last one was such a success that we’re once again doing a One Hour Art Contest. We only had the pictures up in the library for 5 days last time and there were over 100 votes. This time around we’ll have a specific theme for you guys to work with (to be revealed on Tuesday). Also, I’ll let you know that there will be two chances to win a prize. You’ll have a chance to win a smaller prize from the library and your piece can also be entered to win a deluxe set of art supplies. Bring your creativity with you and see what you can whip up in the time limit.

One hour art contest

(the winning piece from the last contest)

Also, Deborah from CIWA will be back again with another short interactive activity. This one is about how you can stand up for your ideas. There will be chocolate for those who stay for the presentation.

Chocolate BarsChocolate BarChocolate Bar

WEDNESDAY FOOD DAY AT BOB BAHAN – Once again we’ll be heading over to the pool house for food. If you haven’t been yet you’re really missing out. Leather couches, foosball table, Xbox, and free food. What’s not to love there. Last week we had paninis. Paninis! You can’t beat that! Meet in the library at 3:45 or just head straight over there for 4:00.


THURSDAYTWO WHEEL VIEW – This bike mechanics course is registration only. If you’ve missed out this time don’t fret, we’ll be having it again in the fall. For those who don’t know, Two Wheel View teaches bike mechanics to youth. Teens who successfully complete the program earn a free bike, lock, and helmet at the end of the program.

Penny-Farthing Bicycle

(In honor of Victoria day, here’s an old school Victorian bike. Fun fact, it’s called a Penny-Farthing. Not fun fact, crashing on that sucker would be rough.)

Don’t forget we have a private study room (with cushy chairs!) available for teens during these hours on a first come, first serve basis. We’ll give you a snack and you can shut the door and get down to business.

Also, for your information, the East Calgary Health Centre now offers a Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic for teens on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 12 and 4:30. Birth control information & low cost supplies, emergency contraception, STI testing & treatment, pregnancy tests & options support, and HIV tests. This is a drop-in clinic and it is completely confidential. Parent permission is not required for you to visit the clinic. The East Calgary Health Centre is located at 4715 8th Avenue SE. 403-955-1431.


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