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Teens: Our journey has come to an end...

Teens: Our journey has come to an end...

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I have some sad news... this will be the last week of Teen After School until September. *sniff sniff* Can you believe how time flies?!

So come on down to Forest Lawn and celebrate our last week of Teen After School! We'll end it off with a BANG!

MONDAYHALO GAMING TOURNAMENT – It’s once again time to put your gaming skills to the test. I hope you’ve been training up because I know there are some seriously good Halo players coming. Like last time, there is an EB GAMES GIFT CARD on the line for the winner. If Halo isn’t your thing, we’ll have plenty of other Xbox and Wii games to keep you occupied. And of course, computers will be on too.


TUESDAY PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT – This one was a blast last time and if you weren’t here for it, you owe it to yourself to come. We’ll give you a scavenger hunt sheet and digital camera. You’ll have to take a photos to answer the scavenger hunt clues. This could be as simple as taking a picture of someone else taking a picture or as awesome as someone Vader-ing (using to force to lift someone off the ground)! There will be prizes for the team that has the most interesting/creative photo answers.


WEDNESDAY WRAP UP PARTY!!! – Like I said earlier, we’re finishing Teen After School for the year. We may as well go out with a bang, right? There will be FREE PIZZA, games, activities, music, and more. Also…PRIZES!!! Everyone gets 1 ticket for the draw just for showing up. Bring a friend, you get an extra ticket. Bring 10 friends…the odds are looking good for you! We’ll be starting early today at 3:30 so if you want first dibs on pizza make sure you’re not late.


Don’t forget we have a private study room (with cushy chairs!) available for teens during these hours on a first come, first serve basis. We’ll give you a snack and you can shut the door and get down to business.

See you guys next week!


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