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DIY your holidays

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Every year I tell myself, “I am going to make this and that for the holidays.” But before you know it, the day is here and I’m stuck with last minute shopping at the malls along with the many others scrambling through the near empty shelves. In the end, I have a cart full of boxed chocolates, random gift baskets that people will never put to use and party trays that cost more than buying them fresh.

All this unnecessary stress could have been avoided if only I took the time to plan my holidays. Instead of buying my gifts, I planned on doing a little DIY this year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with DIY, it stands for Do it Yourself. I find that handmade things just add that extra sparkle to your gifts/event.

Edible DIYDIY: CocktailsDIY: Mason JarsDIY Chalkboard

There are many resources at your local library that can help you plan a smooth holiday. Whether it’s from making your own gifts, to cooking, to fashion, a little DIY can make it that much better.

Forest Lawn Library Celebrates 40th Birthday

Forest Lawn Library Celebrates 40th Birthday

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The Forest Lawn Library knows how to throw a birthday party! Our 40th birthday party on Oct. 19th drew of crowd of almost 600 residents eager to celebrate the special day with us.


We had all sorts of activities such as a life size photo booth, haunted house, face painting, henna art, balloonist and a historical photo display.

We want to say a big thanks to the Teens from our Teen Afterschool Program who created such a popular haunted house which got featured on Global TV and the Calgary Sun! Good Job!

Group Pic

Customers Pic

henna art

If you missed all our excitement you can read up on it in the Calgary Sun by clicking on the article down below!

Calgary Sun

Wayne Cao (Calgary Fort MLA) and Andre Chabot (Ward 10 Councilor) was our honored guest for the day and they too got to experience a little bit of everything. Even the former branch manager Betty Rhynes stopped by to celebrate the good 'ol times.

Honoured Guests


Wayne Cao presented the Library with a certificate from the Legislative Assembly of Alberta

Face paint

Teen Afterschool for November 4-7

Teen Afterschool for November 4-7

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Hi guys,

Here’s what’s happening for the week of November 4th to November 7th. Stop by Monday to Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:30pm.

Teen Afterschool

**Special Info**

Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments changing to Mondays – Hi guys, starting next week, bike club will be switching to Tuesdays. That means that Yu-Gi-Oh will be switching to Mondays. The first Monday tournament will be on Monday, November 18th.

Monday November 4th – Author Reading - Cecil Castellucci and FREE PIZZA!

BookcoverRose sees red

Alright, listen up guys as today will be a pretty cool event. Award winning author (and director and musician) Cecil Castellucci will be coming to teen afterschool to tell you a bit about herself and her work. She’s written a ton of novels and graphix for teens and is sure to have some exciting things to say. As a bonus, anyone who attends will score some free pizza!

Wednesday November 6th – Gaming

Wednesday bike club is finished so we’re opening the basement up for other stuff. This week we’ll be having gaming. I know that Fifa has been crazy popular lately but we do have Halo 4, WWE 14, and a slew of Wii games as well. Computers will also be available.

Tuesday November 5th – Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament and LEGO Power

Yu-Gi-OhTest your skills and your deck in a single elimination challenge. Winners get prizes including booster packs.

Don’t have a deck? Don’t worry about it, we have 3 loaners you can sign out. Don’t know how to play? Someone can teach you.

Note: An automatic win to anyone who dresses like the guy (or possibly girl…) above!


LEGO Power What’s better than LEGO building blocks? How about LEGO Powers! Like…super powers! You could control Lego with your mind! Or have the speed and strength of 10 LEGO men! Or…be yellow! Wait a minute, come to think of it, LEGO powers sound pretty lame.

How about regular ol’ LEGO Power then (not powers). This involves gears, wheels, batteries and other mechanisms which you can use to create some pretty nifty machines. Yeah…much better than the Power of being yellow.

Note: We don’t actually have Star Wars Lego. I just though an out of work Lego Storm Trooper was funny.


Thursday November 7th Food Challenge at Bob Bahan Pool

Yeah, we know the library is cool. But so is the pool. They’ve got leather couches there for Pete’s sake! “For Pete’s sake” is kind of a funny saying isn’t it? Who is this Pete anyways? Why do we do or say things for his sake? Was he some guy that was particularly unlucky? Is that why things like leather couches happen for his sake? Like, he needs good things to make his terrible life better. Perhaps Pete is a dog. I sort of have a feeling he could be. Not that dogs would need leather couches or anything. All Pete the Dog would need is a good meal and a friendly pat on the head. And another thing I’ve never understood…whoops, I just realized this is a lengthy and somewhat moronic tangent. Sorry, let’s get back to the email.

Where was I again? Oh yeah, leather couches! And Free Food too! You can’t beat that so head over to the Pool House for 4:00 or meet at the library at 3:45 to head over with us.

Art Contest Winner

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Art Contest

Here is the winner from our 1-Hour Art Contest from a couple weeks again. In just 6 days we had close to 300 votes. This piece from Kathy titled “Tiffany the Ultimate Tiger of Amazing Excellence” came out on top though and won her a $25 cineplex gift card. Congrats Kathy!

Note: The piece is definitely not called “Tiffany the Ultimate Tiger of Ultimate Excellence”. Trevor just made that up.

Unique Cultural Experience

Unique Cultural Experience

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It seems like October is the month to party it up!

In a week or so, we will host our 6th annual "A Taste of Cultures" part of the Refugee Experience Series.

This is one of my favorite events of the year. The library will be transformed to a place full of cultural displays, ethnic refreshments, art and traditional performances. You will start wondering once you step foot through our doors.. "Is this even a library?"

So mark the date on your calendars, you don't want to miss it!

Saturday, October 26

11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Forest Lawn Library

Teen Afterschool October 21-24

Teen Afterschool October 21-24

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Monday Oct. 21st – One Hour Art Contest and Gaming

One Hour Art Contest – You’ll have just 1 hour to make the best piece of art you can. A sketch, a collage, an expert tracing job, a 10 foot marble statue depicting a Greek god, a…whatever you can think of! Your creations will be placed on display (anonymously) in the library and customers will be able to vote for whichever piece they like best. The winner will get a $25 Cineplex gift card which is pretty sweet considering how many great movies are coming out. The picture above was the winner from our last contest. Seriously, it was created in only one hour!


Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the gamers. All the usual stuff will be out. Also, I have it on good authority that the Halo gaming tournament will be next week so if you have your eye that EBGames gift card, you better stop by and brush up on your skills. As always, if videogames just aren’t your thing, don’t worry, we’ve got board games and computers as well.

Tuesday Oct. 22nd – Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament

Yu-Gi-OhTest your skills and your deck in a single elimination challenge. Winners get prizes including booster packs.

Don’t have a deck? Don’t worry about it, we have 3 loaners you can sign out. Don’t know how to play? Someone can teach you.

*Be there at 4:00 sharp if you want to enter*

Thursday Oct. 24th – Food Challenge at Bob Bahan Pool

Food Challenge day! What could it be this week? Fillet Mignon? Caviar? Escargot? Well, probably nothing that fancy but it will certainly be something delicious! Head over to the pool for 4:00 or meet at the library at 3:45 to head over with us.

Wednesday Oct. 23rd – Two Wheel View Bike Club

This is the second last week of our bike mechanics course. We’re still taking registration for the next sessions (waitlisted currently), so if you’re interested let either Trevor or Liz know.

If you’re not registered for the bike club, all is not lost. Ask at the front desk and you can sign out a board game and get a snack.

Thursday October 31stFEAR FACTOR!!!

Just an early heads up that Fear Factor will be going down on Halloween. It was pretty crazy last year as those of you who attended know. Stay posted for more info next week.

Any Day until November 29th Poetry Institute of Canada Contest

If you’re a poet and you know it (see what I did thereJ), check out There’s a poetry contest going on where you can win cash, that’s right CASH, prizes. You can also get your poem published in a high quality anthology which ain’t too shabby. Ain’t is grammatically correct, ain’t it?

Happy 40th Birthday to Us!

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Flawn Birthday

TAS: October 14th to October 18th

TAS: October 14th to October 18th

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Monday October 14th – Thanksgiving: Library Closed



Hope you guys will be enjoying some at home. I myself intend to be in a turkey coma for much of the weekend. The library will be closed Monday though so don’t bother showing up!

Sleeping in haystack

Tuesday Oct. 15th – Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament and Photo Scavenger Hunt

Yu-Gi-Oh TournamentSorry if we threw you guys off by having it on Monday last week. The Yu-Gi-Oh tournament is back to it’s rightful Tuesday time slot. If you have a Yu-Gi-Oh deck come by and give it a shot. If you don’t have a deck, come by and use one of our loaners. If you don’t even know how to play Yu-Gi-Oh, come by for some free coaching. Tournament winners will get prizes including booster packs.

*Be there at 4:00 sharp if you want to enter*

Photo Scavenger Hunt If you’ve done this one in the past, you know how cool it is. Grab a digital camera, grab a sheet of “clues” that you have to photograph, and go hunting. Maybe you’re taking a picture of specific sign, maybe you’re taking a picture of a “book face” that matches up with yours. Maybe you’re even taking pictures of yourself “Hadoukening” or “Vadering”. You’ll just have to show up to find out. Prizes for the team with the most interesting and creative photos.


Wednesday Oct. 16th – Two Wheel View Bike Club

This is the 6th week of our bike club. You know who you are if you’re registered. If not, sadly it’s too late for this time around.


If you haven’t even heard of the program, it’s a bike mechanics course where you will actually earn a bike. Yes, that’s right, a FREE BIKE! With pedals and handle bars and stuff!

If you didn’t make it in this time around, we are currently filling up the waiting list for the session starting in November. Let either Trevor or Liz know if you’re interested.

Thursday Oct. 17th – Haunted House!!!!

haunted house

Alright, so Thursday is a pretty big deal. We will be making a haunted house in the basement. Some of you were involved last year and know what to expect. We’re going bigger and badder this time though so if you think you have the chops to make something scary, come by to lend a hand. Everything will be left up for a few days so you’ll have ample opportunity to get your scare on.


TAS: What's happening this week Oct7-10

TAS: What's happening this week Oct7-10

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Howdy everyone,

Here’s what’s going on for the week of October 7th to October 10th. Stop by any day from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m., grab a snack, and hang out.

Study space is available as well on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Monday Oct. 7th – Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament and Gaming

***Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament***

Take special note, the Yu-gi-oh tournament will be on Monday this week! We have a special event on the Tuesday so we’re doing it earlier. If you know of anyone who normally shows for these, make sure you pass the word along.

Yu Gi Oh Cards


Gaming again this Monday. Make sure you brush up on your Halo skills, you never know when a gaming tournament might pop up. There are board games and computers as well for anyone who doesn’t dig video gaming.


Tuesday Oct. 8th – Time to Choose Career Workshop

Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go with your life? It’s never too early to start thinking about your future. Let’s talk about your options.

Learn about online resources to help teens investigate careers and explore post-secondary education programs across Canada.


***FREE PIZZA will be provided for those who attend this workshop***


Wednesday Oct. 9th – Two Wheel View Bike Club

This is the 5th week of our bike mechanics course. If you are not registered for this class already, you unfortunately can’t participate. If you haven’t heard of the program, it’s a bike mechanics course where you will actually earn a free bike. Yes, that’s right, a FREE BIKE! You could pedal everywhere, no more boring walking! We’re taking registration for the next sessions so if you’re interested, let either Trevor or Liz know. Last I heard, there was still one spot available…


If you’re not registered for the bike club, don’t worry. Ask at the front desk and you can sign out a board game and get a snack.

Thursday Oct. 10th – Food Challenge at Bob Bahan Pool

That’s right, the program is being held at the pool today! There were a ton of people last week and I heard the waffles were delicious. And seriously, what’s better than free food? Head over there for 4:00 or meet at the library at 3:45 to head over with us. Just make sure you wait a half hour before swimming or you could probably die or something. I wonder if that’s actually true or just a myth?

Mystery Dish

A look back in history

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If you all remember, last year we celebrated the Calgary Public Library's Centannial! Now this year, it's time for the Forest Lawn Library to shine. We are celebrating our 40th year anniversary!!! Can you believe it? A good solid 40 years has gone by just like that. I remembered my first library experience at the Forest Lawn Library. The building was in the exact location as it stands today, but the entrance was long 48th street instead of facing 52 street. It was a small little building with blue exterior and pink interior walls (to be honest, I was not very fond of the pinkTongue out ). Once you walked through the doors, you were greeted by the staff behind the desk that stood in the middle of the library. Below is a picture of the Forest Lawn Library before our renovations in 2004. Do you remember it looking like this?

Old Building

Now here's your chance to share this special day with us. Come out on October 19 (Saturday) and celebrate this amazing milestone with the staff. A celebration with music, stories, entertainment and treats for the whole family!Birthday Cake


October 19, 2013

Time: 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Location: Forest Lawn Library

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