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Welcome to the Forest Lawn Teen's Haunted House!

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This year's Halloween was a little different at the Forest Lawn Library. We teamed up with the Teens to decorate the basement for our own little scarefest. Those who were brave enough walked through the doors of doom.

Nail WallWebSpiderMask

Teen AfterSchool programs for the month of November also included a Fear Factor Challenge, a zumba class, a cupcake decorating class, weekly meetings of the Hunger Games Club and the Knitting Club, and a First Aid Certification course funded by the Bob Bahan Pool.

Exercise at the Library?

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Library. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Books? People? Computers?

Now try to wrap your head around this...

Now you can exercise at the yogaLibrary. We aren't talking about mental exercises or finger exercises you do the computer.

The Forest Lawn Library has partnered up with Bob Bahan Pool in providing Youth Yoga and Youth Zumba.

Never done Yoga or Zumba before? No worries, all levels are welcomed.

Here are the dates:

October 4th

October 11th

October 25th

November 14th

November 22nd

December 6th

Hunger Games Part 2!!!!

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We listened, we planned, we got it together, now here it is... HUNGER GAMES CLUB!!

So instead of having a one day event (since you guys complained last time that one day was not enough!), we now launched our Hunger Games Club. Joining the club is easy, just come into the Forest Lawn Library to sign up. Also, if you do so now, you have a chance to win a moive poster prize by submitting your name as tribute. Do you dare...?

The club will meet every Monday from October 1st until December. I won't spill any information on here, so you must come into the Library to ask for details. But I can tell you one thing, this will definatetly put your skills to the test!!

"May the odds be ever in your favor..."

Catching Fire

What's going on in Forest Lawn?

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Teen Afterschool is starting up again! This time we're putting a different spin on things. If you liked what we had in store from our previous sessions, wait Party Time!till you see what we have planned.

Come join us on September 27th for the Forest Lawn Afterschool Kick-off and September Birthdays Celebrations!

Location: Forest Lawn Library

Time: Afterschool

See you then! Laughing

Trivia Time

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Did you know?

Did you know…?

-The first Forest Lawn Library was originally located at 33rd Street and 17th Avenue S.E

-On July 16 1973, the new Forest Lawn Library opened their doors to its beautiful new building and location at 4807-8th Avenue S.E., which is also the location in which the current library resides

-As of October 1, 1975 the Forest Lawn Library had 25,000 books on the shelves. That’s like 1/6 of our collection today!!!

-Over 933,000 customer transactions at Forest Lawn Library in 2008

Ya Hooo~!

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It's that time of year again...the sun is shining, birds are signing...bacon, sausage and pancakes fills the air! I hope you are all enjoying the many festivities that are going on around the city. Don't forget that the Annual International BRZ Stampede Breakfast is happening on July 12 along 17 Avenue SE. Come stop by and visit our booth and along with other vendors. Every year the Forest Lawn Library looks forward to this great opportunity to engage with its community!

On July 6th, some of the Forest Lawn staff participated in the once and a life time Centannial Stampede Parade! Some of us got up at 5AM, while others were too excited to even sleep the night before. When we arrived we all got dressed in our western gear, and got our face painted by a super duper costume/makeup personel. As the time started to countdown to the 9 O'Clock opening of the parade, we all got the little butterflies. Standing there in the bright sun with all of us in formation, it was finally our time to shine. The whole experience was full of laughters, cheers, and of course sweat!

-Happy Stampede from the Staff at Forest Lawn Library! Yahoooooo!

Stampede GroupGroup

Book N' Worms Community Garden

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Encana Garden Sign

On June 21st Forest Lawn Library officially open it's first ever Book N' Worms Community Garden.

The focus of the Forest Lawn Community garden has always been on “community”, and this was evident when over 70 people gathered to celebrate its official launch!

Several of the residents from the neighbouring Clifton Manor Seniors’ Residence were on hand, having made their way in their wheelchairs earlier in the day to plant their rented plot.

Garden Party
Ground Breaking

Master of Ceremony Ellen Humphrey eloquently congratulated the team for their hard work and introduced the speaker: Calgary East MLA Moe Amery, Encana representative Lois Wozney and Garden Guild rep Mark Labinowicz. Ellen noted how the team not only worked to build a garden, but also undertook to beautify the whole property, cleaning up and adding flowers to the existing tree beds and shrubberies, and adding mulch to help keep them tidy.

One of the volunteers is a young Mom who worked out an arrangement for some of her friends to regularly escort and push the wheelchair-bound seniors over to the Library so they can tend their plot while enjoying the company of young children. What a wonderful cross-generational and therapeutic idea!

Garden Time!

ENCANA Community Garden – Official ground breaking

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World Refugee Day 2012

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The Teen After School event on Refugee Camps attracted 40 youth who fully immersed themselves in the experiential program, going through the various stations of food, water, health, shelter and education, trying to collect enough beads to barter their way into the final asylum station. They were assigned to family groups, working together when cholera and other health concerns, contaminated water, destroyed shelters, famine, drought and other impediments delayed their turn at the asylum station. During the debriefing over pizza, many of them expressed frustration at their struggles, but a clear dedication towards working as a family unit to leave the camp together. This program was planned by several agencies in recognition of World Refugee Day.

Before I Fall

Before I Fall

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Before I Fall

By Lauren Oliver, published by HarperCollins, 2010

Sam and her friends rule the school. They have it all – looks, popularity, boyfriends, and they don’t hesitate to lord it over everyone. They are bullies, mean girls, and won’t have anyone stand in their way. After a night of hard drinking and partying, Sam gets into the car of a drunk driver. With a blinding crash, she loses her life. Instead of being permanently dead, Sam wakes up on the morning of her last day. She proceeds to relive her last day over and over. Each day is the same, but only Sam has the power to change what happens…

Written by Lauren Oliver, who is better known for the debut novel in her dystopian trilogy, “Delirium”, “Before I Fall” was chosen as the YASLA Best Fiction for Young Adults in 2010. Combining elements of fantasy with the very real concept of teenage bullying in a fast-paced, introspective, and engrossing story, this novel causes readers to question what they know. Oliver writes about familiar themes in a fascinating, original way. Prepare to be left wanting more!

-Reviewed by Liz

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