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Unique Cultural Experience

Unique Cultural Experience

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It seems like October is the month to party it up!

In a week or so, we will host our 6th annual "A Taste of Cultures" part of the Refugee Experience Series.

This is one of my favorite events of the year. The library will be transformed to a place full of cultural displays, ethnic refreshments, art and traditional performances. You will start wondering once you step foot through our doors.. "Is this even a library?"

So mark the date on your calendars, you don't want to miss it!

Saturday, October 26

11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Forest Lawn Library

Our Community Chain is Back!

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Back by popular demand! After one short week, the Forest Lawn Library Winter Community Chain is already half-way around the branch. Last year, it started at the entrance to the branch and reached the fish tank, so our goal this year is to complete the circle. We’re already half-way there!

This is a wonderful way for you to add to your community spirit. Just come into the branch and ask one of us to see how you can be a "link" to the communtiy!

Might there be a way to continue this interactive activity throughout the year, with a different spin?

Community Chain

If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comment area!

5th Annual Taste of Cultures

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Over 400 people gathered at the Forest Lawn Library to enjoy our 5th annual Taste of Cultures on October 20th. Displays from the 15 ethnic groups were supplemented this year by displays from CPL’s Diversity Services and the Calgary Police Service’s Diversity Unit.

The participants were once again treated to a variety of ethnic food, and more performers than in previous years. For the first time, we offered some light opera (courtesy of the International Avenue Arts & Culture Centre, a new partner on the planning team) and a thunderous performance by a Japanese drumming troupe.

Display Performer
Dancer Drummer

Book N' Worms Community Garden

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Encana Garden Sign

On June 21st Forest Lawn Library officially open it's first ever Book N' Worms Community Garden.

The focus of the Forest Lawn Community garden has always been on “community”, and this was evident when over 70 people gathered to celebrate its official launch!

Several of the residents from the neighbouring Clifton Manor Seniors’ Residence were on hand, having made their way in their wheelchairs earlier in the day to plant their rented plot.

Garden Party
Ground Breaking

Master of Ceremony Ellen Humphrey eloquently congratulated the team for their hard work and introduced the speaker: Calgary East MLA Moe Amery, Encana representative Lois Wozney and Garden Guild rep Mark Labinowicz. Ellen noted how the team not only worked to build a garden, but also undertook to beautify the whole property, cleaning up and adding flowers to the existing tree beds and shrubberies, and adding mulch to help keep them tidy.

One of the volunteers is a young Mom who worked out an arrangement for some of her friends to regularly escort and push the wheelchair-bound seniors over to the Library so they can tend their plot while enjoying the company of young children. What a wonderful cross-generational and therapeutic idea!

Garden Time!

Out In The Community

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Teen After School Program

Last Friday, Elizabeth and I got a chance to promote Forest Lawn Library's Teen After School program at the Calgary After School Info Fair in the Marlborough Mall. It was my first time on an outreach so I was nervous with excitement not knowing what to expect. After entering the mall and unloading our two packed trolleys, we were greeted by the few organizations that were already at the long row of white tables, and by the retired men who were sitting on the nearby bench watching us set up as they mingled in their native language. A steady of shoppers were strolling in and out of the mall, and a long line of hungry people were waiting for sweet nourishment at Tim Horton’s.

Teen After School Program

Teen After School Program

The atmosphere reminded me of an open market from a foreign land: we had the aroma of sweet fried dough and strong coffee lingering in the air, and voices of children, men, and women, in different languages, overlapping each other as groups of people rushed to their destinations while others strolled by and watched.

We were not even finished setting up when a lady stopped and asked, "What is happening?" so Elizabeth jumped right in, and shared who we are and what we have to offer. She even got the retired men to come by and sign up. Inspired by her energy, I too also greeted potential customers with enthusiasm. They were suspicious and reluctant to stop, at first, until we told them about our one-time offer of a free membership and a free eco bag. By two o’clock, Elizabeth and I were parched from having to shout over the noises and from speaking nonstop as more people were streaming in. When we tallied up our numbers at three o’clock, we had talked to about 1000 people, had signed up about 300 memberships, and had way too much fun.

Teen After School Program

Sunridge Mall Calgary Afterschool Fair

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Forest Lawn Library has launched their 10 week Teen After School program for the first time! From September to the end of November, teens can participate in a variety of programs offered Monday-Thursday from 3-6pm. Staff were out at Sunridge Mall to promote the new programs to over 250 teens!

Programs includes: Drawing workshop, games/karaoke, baking and cake decorating, blogging, knitting, robotics and much, much more! Come into the library to register and check-out what's happening that week.

Display of library materials on a table Teen afterschool poster displayLibrary staff at the outreach event