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Is 2012 the year of the eReader?

by Suzen

Are you one of the many people in Calgary to receive an eBook reader over the holidays? We've had tons of questions at Forest Lawn Library about using eReaders to borrow many of our e-resources off our main website.

If you have a Kobo, Sony eReader or iPad you can download eBooks directly from our catalogue into your eReader. They work just like normal library books--you check them out onto your card and you have them for three weeks (21 days). Once the lending period is up, the eBook expires and you can delete it off your reader and download more! You can search for eBooks and audiobooks in OverDrive where you can request a hold on a title, check books out and even create a wishlist of books to read (this is my favourite option!). eBook readers are a great alternative to reading heavy hardcovers, especially if you're an avid reader like myself. I mean, there are only so many books I can fit in my bag before I need a forklift! And many of the books that we have in our catalogue are available as e-resources ready to be downloaded from home--a great option for impatient readers who can't wait for the library to open to get their hands on a new book.

Check out the official CPL eBook page for more information about e-resources, readers and available eBook formats. And if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us at the branch in person or over the phone at 403-260-2600.