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Forest Lawn Library Celebrates 40th Birthday

Forest Lawn Library Celebrates 40th Birthday

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The Forest Lawn Library knows how to throw a birthday party! Our 40th birthday party on Oct. 19th drew of crowd of almost 600 residents eager to celebrate the special day with us.


We had all sorts of activities such as a life size photo booth, haunted house, face painting, henna art, balloonist and a historical photo display.

We want to say a big thanks to the Teens from our Teen Afterschool Program who created such a popular haunted house which got featured on Global TV and the Calgary Sun! Good Job!

Group Pic

Customers Pic

henna art

If you missed all our excitement you can read up on it in the Calgary Sun by clicking on the article down below!

Calgary Sun

Wayne Cao (Calgary Fort MLA) and Andre Chabot (Ward 10 Councilor) was our honored guest for the day and they too got to experience a little bit of everything. Even the former branch manager Betty Rhynes stopped by to celebrate the good 'ol times.

Honoured Guests


Wayne Cao presented the Library with a certificate from the Legislative Assembly of Alberta

Face paint


Happy 40th Birthday to Us!

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Flawn Birthday

A look back in history

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If you all remember, last year we celebrated the Calgary Public Library's Centannial! Now this year, it's time for the Forest Lawn Library to shine. We are celebrating our 40th year anniversary!!! Can you believe it? A good solid 40 years has gone by just like that. I remembered my first library experience at the Forest Lawn Library. The building was in the exact location as it stands today, but the entrance was long 48th street instead of facing 52 street. It was a small little building with blue exterior and pink interior walls (to be honest, I was not very fond of the pinkTongue out ). Once you walked through the doors, you were greeted by the staff behind the desk that stood in the middle of the library. Below is a picture of the Forest Lawn Library before our renovations in 2004. Do you remember it looking like this?

Old Building

Now here's your chance to share this special day with us. Come out on October 19 (Saturday) and celebrate this amazing milestone with the staff. A celebration with music, stories, entertainment and treats for the whole family!Birthday Cake


October 19, 2013

Time: 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Location: Forest Lawn Library

Ecana Community Garden: Book 'n Worms

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Have you checked out our awesome community garden? Even though fall is just around the corner, we are all busy harvesting our beautiful veggies and herbs that were planted this year. Just this weekend our beautifully painted stepping stones got implanted into the ground. If you have the time, please do check out the wonderful artwork on them.

The Books 'n Worms Garden have made this community a tighter and stronger place. It has really brought people out of their shells to interact with other people in the community. We even had a few 1st time gardeners out here learning from the pros!

FYI: The Books 'n Worms Community Garden was officially launched on June 21st of 2012. It has been slightly over a year since the ground breaking event. Can you believe that?!

Here's a video of the two community garden that the Calgary Public Library has been a part of. Check them out!


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The Forest Lawn Blog has been up and running since October 2011, we've been live for about a year and few months! Wooo Hoo!


When people ask me "What happened in 2012?", I usually answer "It was all a blur..." However, now that we have this little blog, I thought I might take this opportunity to highlight some of the events that has happened in the past year.

  • Community Garden: The Books 'n Worms Community Garden was officially launched on June 21st. With our ground breaking celebration, there is now a Community Garden in the Forest Lawn area. By mid-July people had a chance to harvest some zucchini, lettuce, beans and radishes. I can't wait till Summer 2013 to be able to walk through the garden again! This will be THE MEETING PLACE in Forest Lawn!

  • Teen Afterschool: A program geared towards teens between the ages of 13-17 to explore, learn, and have fun outside of school hours. The program has been a great success in attracting teens of all different ages and skill levels. The library has offered programs from Yoga, Zumba, Cookie Decorating, Wii, Xbox, Drawing, and Drama just to name a few.

  • First Ever Hunger Games Challenge: Our teens were starving for a hunger games challenge, and we did just that to meet their needs! We made our own little cornucopia challenge incorporating themes and resources from the novel. Since the Hunger Games was a great success, we came up with Hunger Games Part 2! In this challenge the teens had to reenact a scene from Catching Fire in along with learning how to write a script, design costumes and much more!

  • Taste of Cultures: Every year the Taste of Culture has attracted over hundreds of people throughout the community. This was a great opportunity for everyone to learn about the diverse culture we have within this neighborhood. It was by far my favorite event to look forward to each year. I loved trying all different types of ethic food, and their outfits were amazing!

  • Refugee Experience Series: The Refugee Experience Series has really taught the teens what it's like to be a Refugee. Our biggest event was a simulation of a Refugee Camp. Even now when I see the teens they talk about how they really enjoyed that process and that they gained so much from the program. We even had the honor to have Carol Huynh share her own personal Refugee Experience.

We hope you all had a chance to participate in some of these events. If you have a story about the library in 2012 and would like to share, we would love to hear it in the comments!

Our Community Chain is Back!

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Back by popular demand! After one short week, the Forest Lawn Library Winter Community Chain is already half-way around the branch. Last year, it started at the entrance to the branch and reached the fish tank, so our goal this year is to complete the circle. We’re already half-way there!

This is a wonderful way for you to add to your community spirit. Just come into the branch and ask one of us to see how you can be a "link" to the communtiy!

Might there be a way to continue this interactive activity throughout the year, with a different spin?

Community Chain

If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comment area!

Trivia Time

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Did you know?

Did you know…?

-The first Forest Lawn Library was originally located at 33rd Street and 17th Avenue S.E

-On July 16 1973, the new Forest Lawn Library opened their doors to its beautiful new building and location at 4807-8th Avenue S.E., which is also the location in which the current library resides

-As of October 1, 1975 the Forest Lawn Library had 25,000 books on the shelves. That’s like 1/6 of our collection today!!!

-Over 933,000 customer transactions at Forest Lawn Library in 2008

Out In The Community

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Teen After School Program

Last Friday, Elizabeth and I got a chance to promote Forest Lawn Library's Teen After School program at the Calgary After School Info Fair in the Marlborough Mall. It was my first time on an outreach so I was nervous with excitement not knowing what to expect. After entering the mall and unloading our two packed trolleys, we were greeted by the few organizations that were already at the long row of white tables, and by the retired men who were sitting on the nearby bench watching us set up as they mingled in their native language. A steady of shoppers were strolling in and out of the mall, and a long line of hungry people were waiting for sweet nourishment at Tim Horton’s.

Teen After School Program

Teen After School Program

The atmosphere reminded me of an open market from a foreign land: we had the aroma of sweet fried dough and strong coffee lingering in the air, and voices of children, men, and women, in different languages, overlapping each other as groups of people rushed to their destinations while others strolled by and watched.

We were not even finished setting up when a lady stopped and asked, "What is happening?" so Elizabeth jumped right in, and shared who we are and what we have to offer. She even got the retired men to come by and sign up. Inspired by her energy, I too also greeted potential customers with enthusiasm. They were suspicious and reluctant to stop, at first, until we told them about our one-time offer of a free membership and a free eco bag. By two o’clock, Elizabeth and I were parched from having to shout over the noises and from speaking nonstop as more people were streaming in. When we tallied up our numbers at three o’clock, we had talked to about 1000 people, had signed up about 300 memberships, and had way too much fun.

Teen After School Program

Travelling Back in Time...

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Forest Lawn Library in the past

  • The original Forest Lawn Library was built in 1962, one year after the town of Forest Lawn was annexed to the City of Calgary. In 1965 it was relocated to make room for a shopping centre.
    • The first Forest Lawn Library was originally located at 33rd Street and 17th Avenue S.E
  • The new Library opened in 1973 and was roughly half the size of the current facility. It boasted a theatre in the basement, with a capacity seating for over 150, a stage, and a projection room equipped with a 16 mm projector to show reel-to-reel films
    • We even have a newspaper article documenting the library's opening from 1973!
  • The first day of the newly expanded facility was February 2, 2004

Welcome to Forest Lawn Library Blog

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Forest Lawn LibraryOpened in 1973 and expanded in 2004, the Forest Lawn Library has become a great community asset and a centre of learning and enrichment. Its vibrant centre situated in an area that many residents and community partners consider it being the hub of the community.

The addition of The Community Literacy and Learning Centre supports literacy and lifelong learning for community residents. It promotes library use within the Greater Forest Lawn area, and contributes to preschool learning, development of literacy skills in school-aged children and ESL learners, and computer literacy for all ages.

The Forest Lawn Library has grown to be the hotspot for programs and community engaging events. Many users come to the library for purposes other than borrowing materials. Nowadays, it’s a key location for meetings, computer usage, socializing, gaming and much, much more.

Whether you’re a senior, adult, teen or a toddler, the Forest Lawn Library has something for everyone. Visit the Forest Lawn Library's blog, to find out what’s new and ongoing at the hotspot in the community!