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Islamic History Month - Film: Journey to Mecca: In the Footsteps

Islamic History Month - Film: Journey to Mecca: In the Footsteps

by Fernando - 0 Comment(s)

Join us for this 2009 film charting the first real-life pilgrimage in 1325 by the Islamic scholar Ibn Battuta, from his native Morocco to Mecca.

When: Saturday, Sept. 27 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Where: Saddletowne Library

Build a Rocket with Beakerhead!!

Build a Rocket with Beakerhead!!

by Alyssa - 0 Comment(s)

Hey teens!

On Saturday, September 14th the Saddletowne Library is hosting an awesome program as part of Beakerhead where you can build your own rocket! ....and maybe learn something about physics in the process. Your model will be capable of reaching 200 meters and returning safely!

This is a free program to anyone with a Calgary Public Library card. Spaces are still available - sign up now!

Build Your Own Rocket is for any teens 14 and up.

You can also register by calling 403-260-2620

build your own rocket!

5 programs you can't miss this fall - For adults

by Fernando - 0 Comment(s)

1. Career Basics

This is a series of workshops to help you improve your job interview skills, enhance your job search through social networking, and learn how to create a professional resume.

Workshops are led by professional career practitioners from Bow Valley College's Career Connection.

Register here: Interview Skills » / Resume Development » / Enhancing Your Job Search Through Social Networking »

2. Beakerhead 2014: radio controlled helicopters.

Join volunteers from the Calgary RC Heli Club to learn all about the fascinating world of radio controlled helicopters. Watch them fly, and try your luck on their flight simulator too! This program available for patrons 14 years old and up.

Register here »

3. Fall gardening activities.

Is fall really the end of the gardening year? Make fall activities part of your gardening cycle and combine clean-up tasks and spring preparation to create an ecological garden and a rich gardening experience. Presented by Janet Melrose, Calgary's Cottage Gardener.

Register here »

4. Picture Calgary

Create a mixed media silhouette project celebrating our beautiful city with Mandala Art Centre! This 90-minute project will involve paint, paper, collage and the Calgary skyline and is suitable for all levels.

Register here »

5. Creative dyeing

Create a scarf that is uniquely your own design, easily and with a minimum of fuss, using Sharpie markers and a secret ingredient. Kit provided. Presented by The Fibre Optics Group.

Register here »

97 things to do before you finish high school

97 things to do before you finish high school

by Fernando - 0 Comment(s)

97 things to do before you finish high school by Steven Jenkins is a book about the stuff they don't teach you in high school, like how to host a film festival, plan your first road trip, make a postcast, or write a manifesto. Want to make a time capsule? Spend a day in silence? Learn how to match beats like a DJ? Or shut dowm your house party before the police do?

Because your life doesn't stop at 3pm each day... it just get started. Learn 97 ways to amuse, aducate, and interest yourself.

Place this book on hold here »

Saddletowne presents: Adult Book Club!

Saddletowne presents: Adult Book Club!

by Alyssa - 2 Comment(s)

The Saddletowne Library is very pleased to present our newest adult reading club!

The reading club's first meeting will begin on Friday, September 19th. You do need to register for this program with your library card, but once you do, you will be able to pick up our first reading club book, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. The reading club will be a great way to meet new people, share your love of reading, and listen to different ideas about books and literature.

thirteenth tale by Diane Setterfield

At reading club meetings, we will be:

  • discussing the book
  • choosing a book for our next meeting
  • sharing our love of reading!

To register for this program, you can register online at the Calgary Public Library website, drop by the Saddletowne Library in person, or call us at 403-260-2620. Come join us!

5 things you'll love about the CPL mobile app

5 things you'll love about the CPL mobile app

by Fernando - 0 Comment(s)

Yes! We do have a mobile app for iPhone. It makes it quick and easy to access the Calgary Public Library on the go! Search the library’s catalogue, download items, place books on hold, renew your items and much more instantly from your phone.

Here are 5 things you will love about the app:

1. Your card number is always with you

Have you ever come to the library and forgot your card? That's not a problem anymore because the card number is on the CPL mobile app. You may leave home without your library card, but without your smartphone... never!

2. Never miss a due date

With so many books, dvd's and other itmes, it's hard to remember all the due dates. Your mobile app keeps track of your account with dynamic notifications to warn you even before the due dates. You will love not getting fines ever again -if you return the items on time-.

3. Place holds immediately

When somebody recommends you a book, DVD, or CD, don't waste time writing down the title or adding a note on your smartphone, just search for it on your mobile app and put it on hold right away.

If you don't want to borrow that item yet, you can add it to your wish list.

By the way, this is another feature you'll love about the app: you can make as many wish lists as you need.

4. Search without even typing

Use your phone's camera to scan the barcode on a book, CD, DVD, or other item at friend's house or bookstore, and find available copies in the library's catalogue.

5. Find more than 50 different categories of suggested books

Don't know what to read next? The mobile app comes with book recommendations from nearly 60 categories of the latest award-winning, and most popular books.

You can also find out what your friends have read and recommend with reading recommendations powered by GoodReads.

Is there any other feature you love about the CPL app?
Download the CPL mobile app here »

Calling all TEENS!

by Alyssa - 0 Comment(s)

Hey Teens!

  • Do you have some opinions on how to make the Saddletowne Library an even better place?
  • Do you want to help us shake up the Teen Zone?
  • Do you like free snacks??

If you said yes to any of those questions, then come to the Saddletowne Library on Monday, September 8th @ 6:30 p.m., and help make the Saddletowne Library a cooler, hipper, more comfortable place for you to hang out!



Join the Saddleteam Unicorn army!

Back to School!

Back to School!

by Alyssa - 1 Comment(s)

When I was very young (oh-so-long-ago), every August I would begin dreading school. A new grade, bigger kids, harder school work - was I prepared? Could I handle it? Would I fail? My mother would have to sit me down and remind me that everyone else in my class would be in the same boat as me, and that learning was part of growing, and though it could be scary, it was not insurmountable. And every year during the month of September I would dread going to school...until November. When, after a few assignments and a few tests were under my belt, I would see that my mother was right.

What my mother didn't have during my August school blues were materials to help convince me that it was going to be okay, and that I was not the only one feeling scared, inadequate, and small.

So, as an homage to my mother during this month of pre-school preparation, here are some books to help you and your little one transition to a bigger, scarier, more difficult school year...that won't be so big, scary, or difficult afterall. As always, stop by the Saddletowne Library and pick one of these, or any other books!

1. I am Absolutely Too Small for School
by Lauren Child

A wonderful book for children entering school for the first time, like pre-school or Kindergarten. Lola is absolutely convinced that she is absolutely too small to go to school. But her older brother Charlie knows better, and offers sage (and hilarious) words of advice to his younger sister.

I am Absolutely Too Small for School!

2. First Grade Jitters
by Robert M. Quackenbush

Moving up the scary scale to Grade One, this would be an excellent choice for any child going into....Grade One. In First Grade Jitters, Aidan freely shares his fears about staring "real school", and seeks solace from his friends and family.

First Grade Jitters

3. Chu's First Day of School
By Neil Gaiman & Adam Rex

Fantasy, fiction, and graphic novel superstar Neil Gaiman lends his humour and imagination to a creative story about the first day of school. A wonderful option for any first day of school, whether for a new year, a new student, or a brand new school!

Chu's First Day of School

4. Back to School, Weird Kids Rule!
by Dan Gutman

A funny story for older children (7-10) and part of the Weird School series, AJ and Andrea are sent to a back-to-school camp after a hurricane ruins their summer vacation. But in typical Andrea & AJ fashion, they are determined to make the last days of summer the best they've ever had!

back to school, weird kids rule!

5. It's Back to School We Go: first day stories from around the world!
by Ellen B. Jackson

The ultimate source in expanding your child's perspective, It's Back to School We Go has eleven true stories from children all over the world. Whether it's a child in Kazakhstan, China, or Kenya, your young person can share in back to school stories and gain an empathetic understanding that everyone from anywhere has back-to-school fears!

It's back to school we go!

Additional reading for parents:

Helping your child cope with back to school anxiety

Back to school blues

Kid's Health: Back to school

5 tips to get your kids up for school

Help your child prepare for back to school

Orimagi Club

by Fernando - 0 Comment(s)

Drop in and learn how to make fantastic origami creations.

For ages 8 to 12.

July, Wednesday 30.

2:15 PM to 3:15 PM.

Saddletowne Library.

No registration required.

Cowtown Concert Reads

Cowtown Concert Reads

by Alyssa - 0 Comment(s)

Calgary is one of the absolutely best cities to be in during the summer. Not just because of the (mostly) nice weather, and not just because our general populace is receiving tons of greatly needed vitamin D from the big yellow thing in the sky "they" call the sun, thereby increasing happy-making chemicals in our bodies. I will assert that Calgary's summer greatness is primarily due to one simple phenomenon: music concerts.

Calgary has a rich musical culture. We seem to get everyone from major headliners playing stadium shows (Queen, Arcade Fire, Cher), to Indie Music power houses (Modest Mouse, The Weakerthans, Neko Case), to brand new baby bands clawing their way out of obscurity (your best friend's brother's band with the weird name you can never remember). But one thing is vitally true - if you want to hear it, Calgary will have it....most likely during the summer.

Folk Festival kicks off tonight ( where I'll be after I leave the Saddletowne Library) and I have packed my backpack full of festival going essentials: bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, rain coat, ipod, towel, and a book. Yes, you read that correctly. I bring books with me to music festivals. This is maybe not so much a novelty as you would expect - waiting happens a lot at concerts. In particular, I like to read biographies and autobiographies. I don't want a book that I get so engrossed in I won't want to put it down, but I do want to keep myself in the feel of my surroundings - trees, birds, people, sun, grass. Sometimes books of poetry written by musicians (afterall, lyrics are just poetry put to music). I'm also fond of reading short story collections as well. But the books I read at concerts have to be three things: brief, interesting, and somehow musically inclined (whatever you take that to mean).

Here are some book recommendations for you or the concert go-er in your life. As always, you can pick them up here at Saddletowne.

1. Stranger Music: Selected poems and songs
by Leonard Cohen

A prolific collection of some of Cohen's most beautiful, honest, and simple wordsmithing. Truly wonderful poems to ponder in the sun, while waiting to discover your next favourite band.

Leonard Cohen

2. This is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession
by David J. Levitin

An interesting, thought-provoking exploration on our relationship with music, and how music shapes our every day lives - both positively and negatively. If you're interested in the technical, brain-related data of music, this is your book.

This is Your Brain on Music

3. Love is a Mix-Tape
By Rob Sheffield

Before I wanted to work in a library, I wanted to write for Rolling Stone. No joke. Rob Sheffield is, in essence, the marriage of my two loves: books and music. Sheffield recalls his tragic first marriage through the mix tapes he and his wife made throughout their marriage (and her life). From washing the dishes, to folding laundry - they made mix tapes for everything. This book will make you want to take out your tape deck and craft someone a musical interpretation of your soul. For any occasion.

Rob Sheffield

4. Take Another Little Piece of My Heart: A Groupie Grows Up
by Pamela Des Barres

A sequel to her first book, I'm With the Band, this is the more mature, down-to-earth Pamela Des Barres. Accounting her life after groupie-hood, Des Barres writes about marriage, motherhood, and inspiration. But don't worry, there's still plenty of Rock N' Roll gossip to recount at your next dinner party.

Pamela Des Barres

5. Honky Tonk Girl: My Life in Lyrics
by Loretta Lynn

Chances are, if you've made it to the bottom of this blog, you have enough of an interest in music to have read (or seen) Coal Miner's Daughter. This book, dare I say it, is even better. Here, Loretta Lynn explains her artistic process song by song. With beautiful photos, heartbreaking honesty, and a glorious sense of humour, Loretta Lynn tells the stories behind her lyrics, as life was happening to her. This ain't your mom's autobiography.

Loretta Lynn

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