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Architects chosen for new Central Library

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Hi everyone!

The Architect firm has been chosen for the new Central Library! Check out the link below to see the CBC report.


Calgary Public Library Foundation Announcement

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Here is a link to a story about the Calgary Public Library Foundation annocument about the largest gift in Calgary Public Library's History.


Program Guides

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Hi everyone!

Program guides are now available online and at any Calgary Public Library branch. Pick up your copy today!

20,000 Books Under the Bow Book Drive

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Hi there

Here is a link to an article in the Calgary Sun about the 20, 000 Books Under the Bow Book Drive.


20,000 Books Under the Bow

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As everyone knows the past month has been absolutely crazy in Calgary. As many of you know the Central Branch of Calgary Public library was damaged and is still closed down from the flooding. If you are interested in seeing some of the damage that was done and the rebuilding efforts check out the Calgary Public Library Facebook page.

It is estimated that 20, 000 books were damaged due to the flood. Now the Calgary Public Library is asking for your help. If you can the library is asking for gentley used donations of books, CDs, and DVDs to be brought to any library branch (except for Central) on Saturday, July 27, 2013.

Any donation is a greatly appreciated. For more information on 20,000 Books Under the Bow please check out the library foundation page.

Thank you for your help!

Enough For All

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This program may interest some of you out there!

Enough For All

This program is about of the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative. Learn more about the causes, effects and solutions for poverty in our city and have an opportunity to share your experiences.

Saddletowne Library
Wednesday, April 24

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Register in person, online, or phone 403-260-2620.

Calgarians Choose a Century of Great Books

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You may have remembered that the Calgary Public Library held a contest last year called "Calgarians Choose a Century of Great Books." This contest invited Calgarians to suggest titles they thought should make a "top 100" list of great books from the last century. Over 2000 votes were submitted, and nearly 1000 titles were suggested!
The link below includes and article by the Calgary Hearld and the "top 100" book list of the books that Calgarians selected. The Hunger Games and Harry Potter top the list, but you might be suprised of the other titles that made the list!